Industrial manufacturing

An innovative proposition for industrial manufacturers

Capgemini has been uniquely positioned to support the industrial manufacturing industry in staying competitive and innovative. We foster synergies between the digital and the engineering worlds to help any company build intelligent products, operations, and services at scale with digital Inside everything, digital continuity throughout lifecycle and digital convergence with its ecosystem, allowing the rise of a sustainable intelligent industry era.
Leveraging the full power of intelligent industry, Capgemini is well-positioned to accelerate, secure, and scale smart manufacturing transformations – and therefore deliver value to our clients.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of manufacturing transformation to evolve towards becoming an intelligent enterprise?

Digital twins: adding intelligence to the real world

Digital twins are a catalyst to fulfilling organizations’ sustainability agenda.

What we do

5G and Edge
We help strategize, build, transform and deliver business value with breadth of IT and network expertise to design and deploy your 5G and Edge solution fast, cost efficiently and at scale.
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Harness the power of CPQ and empower your customers
CPQ solutions are a perfect fit for industries offering complicated, customized product options, such as manufacturing. With Capgemini Fast CPQ, you can get complex quotes to your customers quickly, optimize customer experiences from quote to cash, and enable sales to increase win rates.
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Product lifecycle management and services
Capgemini’s Immersive Experiences for Manufacturing addresses the challenge of digital continuity across the produce lifecycle, from design to operations including innovation and product development, training, production and assembly operations, field service, quality control and maintenance, and customer experience.
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Factory of the future
Our factory-of-the-future approach helps manufacturers achieve the scalability required to turn good ideas into business-wide results.
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Manufacturing operations management (MOM)
MOM as the central backbone for connecting, monitoring, and controlling sophisticated intelligent manufacturing systems enables businesses to evolve towards more intelligent manufacturing operations.
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Service lifecycle management
Digitization, mobile, and the Internet of Things are disrupting traditional service models. More and more companies are pursuing a digital strategy to provide Smart Services anchored by Smart Products and digitally enabled service staff. The move to service business models (servitization) has opened opportunities to drive revenue growth, profit margins, and market differentiation.
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Sustainable product design
With a rapidly changing macroeconomics, manufacturers of capital-intensive products face an immediate challenge to provide better capabilities at reduced cost, compounded by increasing global competition. There is a global drive to facilitate a more sustainable society by building products that are green and environment friendly, provide long-term energy efficiencies and are safe to use for personnel.
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Sustainable supply chain
With disruption now widespread, it is critical for businesses to build a supply chain resilience strategy that embraces complexity. We will partner with you to bring you to a more sustainable, rebalanced, robust, proactive, and customer-centric supply chain, to thrive in a post-pandemic world.
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Net zero strategy
Driven by science-based targets, Net Zero Strategy sets a trajectory that will move you from pledge to actionable decarbonization strategy fast. After a strong assessment of the transition risks and opportunities, we accelerate your carbon reduction with roadmap design, decarbonization levers assessment, governance design, and practical strategies for renewable energy sourcing and carbon offsetting.
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We help industrial companies leverage the full benefits of advanced technologies to achieve the engineering and business outcomes they value most. From tackling small day-to-day challenges, to planning and implementing big disruptive transformations (and everything in between), we offer end-to-end engineering services and solutions for every phase of:

·      Integrated product development
·      Embedded platform development
·      Experience design
·      Product lifecycle maintenance and support
·      Advanced manufacturing
·      Digital transformation of operations
·      Industrial networking and connectivity
·      Cybersecurity

Intelligent industry for manufacturing featuring AWS

The way products and services are designed, manufactured, and consumed is driving game-changing business models and redefining value chains.

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Together we will focus on the consistent expansion of Bosch Connected Industry’s Nexeed Industrial Application System and strengthen client activities.

Expert perspectives

Intelligent industry

Servitization in manufacturing

Alex Bulat
Aug 5, 2020
Data and AI

Reinventing data for the push to net zero

Valérie Perhirin
Aug 2, 2022
Intelligent industry

The benefits of building a digital twin of your factory

Jan 4, 2022

    Leader with Gartner for public cloud IT transformation services

    We were positioned in Gartner’s 2022 Magic Quadrant thanks to our vision and ability to execute.

    Leader with Gartner for SAP S/4Hana app services worldwide

    We were recognized as a leader in Gartner’s 2022 Magic Quadrant for the completeness of our vision and ability to execute.

    Leader with IDC in worldwide smart manufacturing services

    We were recognized for our current vendor capabilities and future strategies for delivering smart manufacturing projects.

      Meet our experts

      Abhishek Dhir

      Vice President, Head of Manufacturing, NA

      Raghu Mocherla

      Vice President, Engineering R&D

      Awadhesh Singh Parihar

      Business Transformation Director – Digital Engineering and Manufacturing

      Kushal Dastenavar

      Industry Vice President – Capgemini Engineering

      Ashish Pathak

      Head of Consumer Retail and Industrial Manufacturing CoE, Capgemini Engineering
      Ashish Pathak, Technology & business leader with 22+ years’ experience with several global clients, accelerating their product, service & operating model innovation, industry portfolio build up and leading, transformation and global sourcing initiatives. Led key client engagements, high-value offerings, strategic/large deals, across industries & regions in ER&D space including communication, semiconductor, High Tech, Industrial and Consumer goods.