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Aerospace and defense

The aerospace and defense industries were delayed and, in some cases, significantly disrupted by the global pandemic. With the demand for air travel rising in the post-pandemic era, they’re preparing for the future.

Launch into the future of Aerospace and Defense with Capgemini

The aerospace and defense businesses have had to adapt quickly to disruption, facing reduced aircraft orders and deliveries, delays in satellite launches, and an increase in employees working from home. They have been sustained by strong defense spending and government support, and have often had to make reductions to the most impacted markets.

We have been supporting our clients in these industries, helping them to transform their operations in line with evolving challenges and demands. OEMs are ramping up and reconfiguring production programs.

This puts severe pressure on the supply chains globally to align. At the same time, aviation and aerospace leaders are also tackling sustainability issues. Mitigating aviation’s climate impact will be a huge force on the industry for the immediate and foreseeable future.

We are helping global aerospace and defense organizations and their supply chains to be more agile, connected and data driven than ever.

Driving the future of the Aerospace Industry

Supporting Total in the exploration of the future

The METIS® project, developed by Total, aims to revolutionize geophysical acquisition using automated drones.

What we do

Our longstanding experience in the sector enables us to help our clients design and develop their products with improved systems engineering and integration. Our solutions for product and service innovation helps our clients achieve zero distance with customers and build highly responsive and effective service and support capabilities.

At the same time, they can optimize their costs, increase operational efficiency, and develop profitable new services.

We help achieve transformation by assisting green aircraft programs, data-driven operations, and autonomous systems. We also help improve operations with data and model-based-driven production, and in future services such as urban mobility, CO2 monitoring support for airlines, and decommissioning optimization.

Digital transformation isn’t a one-off event – it’s a continuing process. We develop key pillars to support our aerospace and defense clients at every stage, including digital continuity for product lifecycle management (PLM), adoption of digital twins, workforce and process optimization, software factories, and net zero models.

Meet our experts

Ragnhild Hauge

Kjetil Eritzland

Principal Solutions Architect, Insights & Data
Kjetil Eritzland is a data and solutions architect in Capgemini’s Insights & Data organization. Kjetil has been in the field of data management for more than 25 years and has extensive experience from large projects and various industries across Europe. He is passionate about innovating around data, enjoys working to bring data management closer to the business, and is promoting best data management practices also in his spare time as a board member in DAMA.

Gjermund Vuorela

Head of Architecture
Gjermund Vuorela approaches 30 years of varied experience from the IT services industry, with focus on architecture and management of data platforms and data ecosystems for the last 20 years. Gjermund is responsible for data solutions supporting the entire enterprise, with recent focus on a data mesh-based approach to data governance and data democratization. As strategic advisor he helps customers succeed in their journey to become data driven companies and is often involved in clarifying complex paradigms and ensuring practical and implementable data strategies, architectures and roadmaps