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Energy Transition and utilities

The energy transition is a generation-defining challenge. But we believe it’s not just what it averts, but what it enables in our economy and society, that matters. We envision a world in which energy is clean, affordable and abundant, powering a new wave of industrial growth and social opportunity.

The energy industry’s transition to clean energy is a fundamental enabler for every other industry’s ability to reach net-zero.

For too long, the narrative surrounding net-zero has centered on costs and challenges. But the energy transition need not equate to austerity or industry compromise. Clear roadmaps, actions and measurement – allied with cultural and behavioral change – can help us all benefit from the growth and prosperity which the transition enables.

The transition also provides a huge opportunity to positively impact the human side of business: deeper customer relationships, consumer perception and talent attraction.

“Helping energy and utilities organizations to harness the vast economic and societal potential of the energy transition and build a better future is our passion and purpose”

Together we can light the way to a brighter, cleaner future for all.

    Powering sustainability

    Our in-depth research into the rewards which energy organizations are realizing by acting on their sustainability agenda.

    Clean growth

    In this piece, we connect the dots between purposeful environmental responsibility and healthier, sustainable growth.

      What we do

      Accelerating the energy transition and all that it enables

      Evolving the global energy sector to affordable, abundant, and low-carbon energy within a generation is the top priority for the energy and utilities sector and requires a drastic shift for many. At Capgemini, we believe in focusing on what the energy transition enables in our economy and society, rather than just what it must avert.
      We help energy and utilities organizations to create a positive, long-term legacy of transformative, sustainable products and services that create new types of value, strengthen customer relationships, and help attract industry-leading talent.

      Enabling a virtuous spiral of growth by digitizing and embracing low-carbon technology.

      Meeting the challenge of the energy transition isn’t only about moving to new energy sources. We must reinvent the sector to prioritize universal abundance and waste reduction, as well as optimizing energy generation, distribution, and recycling.
      With our digital and technical expertise, Capgemini helps organizations to weave connected tech and engineering innovation into the end-to-end energy ecosystem, as well as to capitalize on the tech opportunities enabled by access to affordable, plentiful energy.

      Changing the way people move, live, work and power their world.

      Achieving climate neutrality must be a collective effort. Through education and greater choice around consumption and conservation, energy and utilities organizations can play a pivotal role in reshaping consumer behaviors.
      We’re supporting our energy clients to navigate the changing consumer landscape. The energy transition enables the opportunity to forge deeper customer relationships and provide a higher quality of life through guilt-free, affordable energy. Our customer-centric solutions help influence consumer behaviors while improving brand perception.

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          Client stories

          Expert perspectives


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          James Forrest
          Dec 2, 2021

          Is pure clean power a fantasy?

          Philippe Vié
          May 18, 2021

          Meet our experts

          Eivind Gjesteland

          Head of Energy, Utilities and Manufacturing in Norway
          Eivind is Capgemini’s head of Energy, Utility and Manufacturing in Norway, and is also heading the Capgemini office in Stavanger. Eivind maintains a special focus on digital transformation, helping industrial clients to drive change and realize business value through technology and new ways of working.

          Gunnar Deinboll

          Executive Vice President, Capgemini Invent

          Rune Ødegård

          Principal Solution Architect
          Rune Ødegård is a Senior technology- and business consultant with more than 22 years’ experience at leading companies. Driven, innovative and pragmatic problem-solver. Strong communication, collaboration and team leader skills across disciplines. Extensive interaction with decision-makers. Rune has participated in and/or managed 30-40 long-term projects. In depth competence within most key IT areas. Thrives performing in the intersection of technology and management.

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