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Client story

Capgemini helps a Media and Entertainment conglomerate on a transformational journey

Client: A prominent American Media and Entertainment conglomerate 
Region: North America
Industry: Media & entertainment

Capgemini’s ADMnext brings a rich program of transformation, automation, DevOps adoption, sustained excellence, and portfolio modernization

Client challenge: This renowned American Media and Entertainment conglomerate was looking to launch its new Over the Top (OTT) streaming service globally, while simultaneously managing a wider dynamic transformational journey

Solution: Capgemini’s ADMnext is a full stack of Disruptive, Business-focused, Transformation, and Adaptive ADM Services, underpinned by a host of Organizational Assets and Enablers. Together with the organization, Capgemini embarked on a comprehensive transformation program of application modernization, industrialized automation, DevOps, sustained excellence, and portfolio modernization

-Transformation of 400+ core applications
-20% overall delivery savings
-750 fewer incident tickets, resulting in more than $500 thousand in savings
-More than 150 ideas generated for more than $1.5 million in savings
-24/7 support and a 99.9% service commitment across all business lines

Standing out from the crowd

Today’s average media consumer is bombarded with a steady stream of news and information across a wide and ever-expanding array of mediums. To continue to stand out from the crowd as a trusted source for news and quality programming, this American Media and Entertainment conglomerate was preparing to launch a comprehensive Over the Top (OTT) streaming service, which would reach millions of viewers in the US and abroad.

The organization was seeking an agile and versatile partner to bring all the necessary experience, tools, and frameworks to improve speed to market. In addition, the partner was looking to better enable its existing applications portfolio with a predominantly cloud native and cloud infrastructure leveraged platform.

Capgemini had already worked with this organization for over 15 years and, together, the partners had worked with on a host of different initiatives. In expanding on this already lengthy partnership, the partners embarked on a comprehensive transformation journey to fully support the launch of this global streaming platform. 

A rich program of transformation and modernization 

To effectively streamline and guarantee the success of this launch, Capgemini worked with the business to implement a rich program of transformation, automation, DevOps adoption, and portfolio modernization. But firstly, in order to effectively set up this program, Capgemini’s Value Realization Office (VRO) solution was brought in to serve as the foundation for successfully engaging with stakeholders across the client’s organization to establish key priorities and structures for full engagement delivery and accountability. Capgemini’s VRO is a framework that enables and accelerates value through investments that streamline processes, fuel innovation, and ensure the success of the overall transformation journey. This framework was based on the: prioritization of activities aligned with stakeholder inputs, value auditing of the internal university, detailing the client’s Innovation Fund governance and processes, implementation of automation and DevOps, and training in new ways of working. 

The resulting journey was centered on an application transformation program that saw 155 applications transitioned in three months. Industrialized automation efforts were also implemented across 18.5% of the conglomerate’s overall landscape, along with the identification of 80 use cases for BOTs. 

Additionally, ADMnext delivered a faster development lifecycle by identifying and transitioning 20% of DevOps-ready applications during the first 12 months, while another 18 followed in 2020 (36 to date). And through a program of sustained excellence, efforts were drastically reduced with 23.1% of repeat incidents and 5.2% of aging tickets identified and eliminated across the portfolio. Next, Capgemini’s eAPM tool helped identify opportunities to modernize the portfolio by identifying 39% of applications that were prime targets for the effort. 

In addition to these initiatives, Capgemini’s Digital Innovation and Transformation (DIT) provided $2 million in resource tool investments, which were solely dedicated to innovation efforts. Capgemini also created a comprehensive internal university training center to offer knowledge management and learning programs for each of the organization’s business units. Furthermore, Capgemini aided in the development of the largest sales and traffic system consolidation program in the media and entertainment industry. 

Overall, with Capgemini’s ADMnext, organization client was able to reap the following key benefits: 

  • Transformation of more than 400 core applications 
  • 20% overall delivery savings through DevOps, RPA, and architectural assessment initiatives 
  • 750 fewer incident tickets, which resulted in more than $500,000 in savings 
  • More than 150 ideas generated for more than $1.5 million in savings with Capgemini’s DIT 
  • 24/7 support and a 99.9% service commitment across all business lines 
  • More than $1 million in project savings resulting from identification of 80 RPA use cases. 

The way forward with ADMnext 

After the successful launch of the organization’s global streaming service, Capgemini and the conglomerate are now looking to expand even further on this lengthy and fruitful partnership. This will include continuing to support the above joint initiatives with OTT show scheduling backing and plans for implementing a Theatrical Distribution & Global Salesforce CoE. 

Capgemini is also looking to help the organization in expanding on already-successful automation efforts with the automation of their Finance & Accounting function with more RPA tools, a unified platform for IP rights management, a Global Revenue Recognition System, and the implementation of a news platform modernization initiative, in order to continue to improve viewer experience.