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Why CX teams need to take a leadership role in their company’s generative AI strategy

Generative AI (gen AI) represents the next evolution of AI systems – characterized by its ability to learn, adapt, and collaborate in ways once reserved for human intelligence.

In its Harnessing the value of generative AI report, the Capgemini Research Institute noted that 96 percent of the executives surveyed have put the technology on their boardroom agenda. That said, many leaders are unsure how to get started. Generative AI has emerged as a game-changing technology that promises to reshape all industries and redefine the way people interact with organizations. The potential benefits are staggering, but businesses must understand that harnessing gen AI’s full potential is contingent upon careful preparation.

In this Q&A with Capgemini’s Ollie East, Head of Go-to-Market Strategy and US GenAI CX Lead; Shawn Goodin, Principal MarTech Strategist, Customer Data & AI; and Pranav Kumar, Digital, Data, and AI Business Leader, discuss on why CX teams need a seat at the gen AI table.