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The Nordic AI Frontier

Navigating the Generative AI Wave Among Nordic Enterprises

How are Nordic enterprises adapting to generative AI? And how are they navigating challenges while championing a future of innovation, ethical governance, and corporate sustainability?

Complex problems birth innovative solutions. As generative AI gains prominence, Nordic organizations are embracing this disruptive force, integrating it into their core business processes. They are steadily recognizing its potential to streamline processes and develop innovative solutions.  
The possibilities arising from GenAI are developing quickly and set to disrupt numerous sectors, profoundly impacting organizations and professions alike. To fully grasp the pace of this technological advancement and its implementation, regular measurement and assessment are essential. By staying attuned to this, Nordic organizations are ensuring that their adoption of generative AI aligns with ethical standards and sustainable practices, positioning themselves as leaders in responsible innovation. 
In our latest GenAI-related study, The Nordic AI Frontier: Navigating the Generative AI Wave Among Nordic Enterprises, we surveyed organizations in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The objective was to create a comprehensive guide for C-level executives, detailing how organizations are wielding the transformative potential of GenAI in key domains like sales, marketing, IT, operations and beyond.  

The study led us to the following conclusions: 

  • Nordic enterprises are strategically embracing generative AI, recognizing its transformative potential across key business domains such as sales, marketing, and IT. Their dedication to ethical AI implementation underscores a commitment to responsible corporate citizenship. 
  • Looking ahead, the enterprises are proactively shaping a future of work that is augmented by generative AI, envisioning the emergence of innovative job roles and enhanced operational efficiencies. 
  • Discussions also extend to sustainability imperatives, with a sharp focus on understanding and mitigating the potential environmental footprint of generative AI deployments. 
  • More findings can be found in the report 

Download the report for deeper insights into how enterprises in respective Nordic countries are leveraging GenAI to shape the future of work and build strategic roadmaps that sustain.

If you have questions or would like a personalized walk-through to deep dive into the report, please reach out to our experts via the ‘contact us‘ form.

Meet our experts

Ivar Aune

Ivar Aune

GenAI CoE Head, Capgemini Nordics

Siri Gomnæs Børsum

Siri Gomnæs Børsum

VP at Capgemini Invent & frog

Anna Baran

Anna Baran

Data Analytics Manager

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