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TechnoVision 2023: Right the Technology, Write the Future

Our report brings a fascinating array of the latest hot topics and zooms in on the business impact of each – illustrating the value with many use cases and best practices.

With this year’s theme, ‘Right the Technology, Write the Future’, we make a call to action to be respectful of the increasingly scarce resources we have at our disposal. We believe the challenge is in selecting the right technology solutions and innovation initiatives that not only contribute best to the organizational future but also have a clear, positive societal impact.

Furthermore, as innovative technology itself tends to be quite hungry for energy and all other scarce resources, we suggest IT people drink their own champagne and be both more frugal and more creative in choosing the resources they really need: this is all about righting the technology, for better futures.

Under this theme, our accessible, well-structured, actionable framework describes a total of 37 technology trends – based on the contributions of Capgemini experts all around the world. There is something in each trend for everybody, whether you are an IT expert looking for the serendipity of unexpected angles, or a tech-curious businessperson wanting to understand the buzz.

  • Our wide-ranging CIO report delves into the seven containers and describes 37 technology trends in detail. Practitioners can use these detailed descriptions to understand how emerging technologies might be applied in their businesses.
  • The CXO version of the report provides a focused, but also playful account of how our experts believe digital leaders can adopt and adapt to the ever-increasing range of technology tools at their disposal to give their businesses a competitive edge.

If nothing else, TechnoVision 2023 will bring you some fresh thinking to address the technology business issues of today – and will help you design, plan, and ultimately, write the future you want.