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Seizing the commercial value of quantum technology

Three actions companies can take to harness the power of quantum technology and derive commercial value.

This paper is for executives that recognize they are at a watershed moment for quantum technology. Acknowledging the enormous potential and excitement amongst academics and technologists, this point of view translates the theoretical promise into practical value for industry leaders.

Our experts outline what is beyond traditional computing methods. You are invited to inform your view with perspectives curated from our Quantum Lab, including contributions from Airbus, IBM, and innovative startups that are already well underway on their quantum journey.

Download this paper to:

  • Explore the three key steps to harness the power of quantum tech;
  • Begin the journey to identify areas of near-term commercial value for your organization;
  • Consider clever ways to address the current constraints of the tech and take steps to mitigate these issues for positive business implications;
  • Kick start your bold program to get the best of the quantum tech opportunity before the decade is out.  

Meet our experts

Julian van Velzen

Quantum CTIO, Head of Capgemini’s Quantum Lab
I’m passionate about the possibilities of quantum technologies and proud to be putting Capgemini’s investment in quantum on the map. With our Quantum Lab, a global network of quantum experts, partners, and facilities, we’re exploring with our clients how we can apply research, build demos, and help solve business and societal problems that till now have seemed intractable. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of this disruptive technology, where I can use my background in physics and experience in digital transformation to help clients kick-start their quantum journey. Making the impossible possible!

Sam Genway

Emerging Technologies Lead at Hybrid Intelligence, Head of Industries at Capgemini Quantum Lab
Sam leads quantum computing R&D at Capgemini’s Quantum Lab. With a background in theoretical quantum physics, he co-founded an accelerator on emerging technologies within Capgemini and has worked with several of the largest, most innovative companies to develop their capabilities and enhance their operations. Sam holds an MSci from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London.