Seeing the invisible: how artificial intelligence senses the ocean’s health 

Capgemini’s Global Data Science Challenge – LoVe the Ocean project shows how collaboration between marine biology and IT can enhance the understanding of our marine environment.

How do you make the invisible visible? The loss of species diversity in the world’s oceans –  dubbed “invisible dying” – is difficult to imagine. People intuitively understand the profound and perilous impact of such a decline on our planet, but there needs to be a deeper focus on prevention. Capgemini saw an opportunity to use artificial intelligence (AI) to contribute to the understanding and modeling of the earth’s climate and help scientists better monitor the marine environment. 

Expert perspectives

Data and AI

Getting the ocean science we need for the future we want

Anne-Laure Thibaud (Thieullent)
Nov 11, 2021
Data and AI

The wave of data in oceans

Robert Engels
Nov 18, 2021

Inside stories

Undersea intelligence: using AI to detect key movements in the ocean