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Sustainable travel is beating new paths

We need to act to move from excess to sustainable tourism

Is there a way to travel the world sustainably? Could the long road be better for the environment? How can businesses and market leaders shift the tourism industry to a more sustainable model?

The answers are coming into view.

If we are to tackle the climate crisis (and take a well-earned break) sustainable tourism could be just the ticket people need to book.

In the latest episode of Future Sight, Cyril ​​Garcia CEO Capgemini Invent Global, Global Head of Sustainability, Member of the Group Executive Board and Michael Jacobides is a Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship; Sir Donald Gordon Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at London Business School discuss how the tourism industry has gone through a revolution in terms of what consumers want and expect from their holidays.

The impact that digital has had on the physical world – with apps like Instagram and Airbnb – has changed the way we travel, but the next phase of tourism moves from excessive to sustainable travel. The hope is that future generations might be able to enjoy the remaining wonders of the world.

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About the Speakers

Cyril Garcia

Group Executive Board member, Head of Global Sustainability Services and Corporate Responsibility, Capgemini
Cyril has more than 25 years of experience in consulting in the fields of services, the public sector, utilities, and telecommunications. In 2018, he launched the new Capgemini Invent brand, whose mission is to support decision-makers in defining and implementing the future of their organizations. In addition to his responsibilities at Capgemini Invent, Cyril took over in 2019 the management of sector strategy and social and environmental responsibility of the Capgemini group.

Prof. Michael Jacobides

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship;Sir Donald Gordon Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at LBS
Professor Michael Jacobides believes that research and engagement in strategy and policy should go hand in hand. Working on how firms should navigate the increasingly complex and digitised environment: where and why value migrates, how firms can best capture it and how they should respond to the dramatic growth of business ecosystems.