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A New Way to Serve: The Next Big Opportunity for FMCG and Retail

How a global pandemic confirmed supply chain management as the next customer-experience battleground for fast-moving consumer goods and retail.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the retail and consumer goods industries are not just at a tipping point, but a point of no return. Consumers who hadn’t used digital channels prior to the pandemic are suddenly much more comfortable doing so; those who were already familiar now rely on digital to an even greater degree. The consumer has changed and is unlikely to revert—which means that the industry must follow suit.

What complicates matters is that digital channels have not replaced traditional stores. Today’s retail revolution is additive in nature: Consumers want more choice. More convenience. More customization. More personalization. More localization.

In our recent joint paper with The Consumer Goods Forum and Oracle, A New Way to Serve: The Next Big Opportunity for FMCG and Retail, our experts review how these trends are reshaping the global business landscape and how retailers and consumer goods organizations, in particular, must adapt their supply chain to serve the business, defend against future disruptions, and fulfill the brand’s promise to the shopper.

Meet our experts

Lindsey Mazza
Global Retail Lead, Capgemini

Kees Jacobs
Vice President, Global Consumer Products and Retail, Capgemini

Ruediger Hagedorn
Director End-to-End Value Chain & Standards
The Consumer Goods Forum

Michael Forhez
Global Managing Director, Consumer Markets
Oracle Industry Strategy Group