Charlie Li

Expert in Testing

I help our clients implement proven practices in QA and help them understand how to best leverage Quality Centers of Excellence, Righshoring, Cloud, mobility and TMap to maximize quality coverage while minimizing the QA effort. As a co-author the World Quality Report, and as a member of HP and IBM Software Board of Advisors, I bring together insight into global industry trends, experience with hands-on client work and tooling expertise, to guide clients – in both public and private sectors – to the next level of quality maturity.

Charlie Li

My experience

Vice President @ Capgemini Consulting


Director of Product Marketing, Quality Management and ERP Solutions @ Information Technology Company

01/05/2005 to 07/05/2007

Director of Consulting Services, Quality Management Practice @ Information Technology Company

01/05/2000 to 01/05/2005

Supply Chain Consultant/Technical Account Manager @ Supply Chain Management Software Company

01/05/1999 to 12/05/2000

Software Engineer @ Manufacturing Company

01/05/1998 to 01/05/1999