Dr. Michael Zellner

I’m convinced that the biggest changes in the automotive industry are yet to come, and that focus on ‘bringing to life what’s next’ is key to not only survive, but also to outperform competition in the future.

As one of our global automotive leaders – managing our global business for one automotive key client and running our global captive finance unit – my motivation is to support and lead clients through this transformation. The opportunity to develop trusted adviser partnerships is the most rewarding part of these relationships.

Being for more than two decades in the automotive and financial services industry, my experience ranges from strategy development through restructuring and reorganization to operations and IT systems. The common theme of my work is to support my clients to realize their full potential through innovation and digitalization.

Some recent successes:

  • Developed and implemented new mobility offers (e.g. subscription and rent solutions)
  • Implemented and rolled-out new distribution models for direct and agency sales (e.g. in markets in Europe and Asia)
  • Agile developed new digital solutions (e.g. point-of-sale, retention management and self-services)
  • Improved marketing and sales (e.g. to become more predictive and integrated) and optimized after sales (e.g. through dynamic pricing mechanisms)
  • Develop global digital strategy for a global captive finance group
  • Setup of a new global structure and governance model for digital services, as well as a globally-layered delivery model and future-oriented culture
  • Restructured a financial services group across multiple group companies to achieve substantial synergies
  • Supported the merger of two automotive startup companies
  • Closely collaborating with and being a founder and board member on startups sharpened my attention to quickly implement and scale lean solutions

Before my leadership role in Automotive, I built-up and managed our Insurance segment in Central Europe for several years and was responsible for shared services and outsourcing. Being the founder of an e-commerce and MedTech company sharpened my attention to quickly implement and scale lean solutions and provide insights on how to innovate and manage a business pragmatically.

Dr. Michael Zellner

My experience

Vice President @ Capgemini Invent

Sept 1998 - Present

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