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Salesforce Functional Architect & Deputy Lead NORDIC COE 


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At Capgemini, boredom is never an issue. The opportunities to explore new ventures and experiment is truly remarkable. 

I have been at Capgemini for over 10 years, specializing in improving business processes through application of technology.  Working within our Salesforce practice, I have helped grow our team in Norway, and our presence in the Nordics, by leading multi-cloud projects and by building our Marketing Automation expertise.  I have had both technical and commercial roles, which gives me a solid basis for tackling new challenges.  As a functional architect searching for ways that technology can improve what our customers do is incredibly creative, which I really appreciate! 

What aspects of Capgemini’s values or culture attracted you to apply for a position here?   

It was more than 10 years ago I joined Capgemini, and what continues to resonate with me are the values modesty, team spirit, and fun. Modesty and team spirit, in particular, are important to me as they highlight Capgemini’s collaborative nature, which I appreciate.  

Can you describe a recent project that challenged you and how you overcame those challenges?   

I recently worked with an international customer on a project that was much larger in scope than initially anticipated. Initially, the project’s complexity wasn’t fully recognized by all parties, leading to challenges in coordination and stakeholder expectations. We overcame these challenges by openly communicating with the client and all involved, highlighting the project’s true complexity and the importance of proper execution. This approach allowed us to address issues collaboratively and ensure a successful delivery.  

What opportunities for learning and development have you found most valuable at Capgemini?   

Early in my career at Capgemini, I attended courses at the global university, Les Fontaines. These courses provided fantastic opportunities to network and learn in person within a very open and inclusive environment with no hierarchy. I continue to learn new things daily, both within my domain and from the breadth of knowledge across Capgemini. It’s been great to explore courses and material available for instance from the Architecture community in Capgemini, since it really complements the work I do with Salesforce.  

How do you share your knowledge with your consultants?     

I believe in sharing knowledge by asking questions, so frequently volunteer and engage with my colleagues. Our Salesforce team is very collaborative, with multiple team channels where we exchange tips, both within our Norwegian team and our European network. Actively asking questions highlights that there’s always more to learn. I’m aware of the channels and contribute where I can. I remember on my first project, the sense of accomplishment was much greater when I figured things out on my own. Knowing there are people to help if needed, I try to guide my colleagues in the right direction so they can find solutions themselves. You gain a different grounding when you build knowledge independently. 

How do you see Capgemini promoting diversity and inclusivity in its workplace culture?   

From almost day one, I noticed that our team is incredibly diverse. We have individuals from various educational and professional backgrounds, such as manufacturing, design, and political science, as well as a range of ages and ethnicities.  This makes for a fun and dynamic workplace environment, and lots of interesting perspectives.  Capgemini actively promotes diversity through initiatives like Women@Capgemini, Outfront and more, making it a natural part of our culture. 

Why would you recommend working at Capgemini?  

Without a doubt, the collaborative team spirit. My colleagues at Capgemini are fabulous. I find great joy in collaborating with them. While some may enter the consulting world expecting a culture of competitiveness and stepping on others to climb the ladder, my experience at Capgemini has been quite the opposite. After more than a decade here, I’ve never encountered such behavior. Instead, the atmosphere is profoundly collaborative, emphasizing teamwork and mutual support. At Capgemini, boredom is never an issue. I’m continually challenged and engaged, constantly expanding my horizons. The opportunities to explore new ventures and experiment is truly remarkable. 

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