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Head of portfolio for digital customer experience



Portfolio and product management

I can say, without a doubt, that the people and culture at Capgemini have been a key contributing factor to me having stayed with the company for this long.

At Capgemini, I enjoy my work as it offers a variety between business development and project delivery. It is an exciting position to be in, as I collaborate with colleagues from across our company and with a wide array of skillsets. In other words, the learning never stops!  

Currently, I hold the role as Head of Portfolio within our Digital Customer Experience (DCX) department. I’ve also headed Capgemini’s Salesforce team, expanding it from 15 to over 40 consultants. My background includes experience in project- and program management and client delivery across various sectors. 

What aspects of Capgemini’s values or culture attracted you to apply for a position here?  

Joining Capgemini, I knew that I chose a company that offered a structured approach to career development, which was something I was looking for. I quickly understood that however my career would pan out, there would be multiple options to choose from for professional development. 

I have never met a company that plays so much on their values. They are embedded in our culture at Capgemini. We have our values showcased on our coffee mugs, and I have this routine where I each morning pick the cup with the value that I feel I want to live by through the day. I often choose Team Spirit, Boldness and Fun. With Team spirit comes boldness – with a team behind me, whether my own team or Capgemini as a whole, it makes it easy to be bold. And I generally prefer to have fun with the people around me. It lightens up my workday!  

What makes you passionate about your work?  

What I am working with today is quite different from my previous experiences. Had you told me a couple of years ago that I would be doing this, I would have been quite surprised. This unexpected turn in my career path has been both exciting and rewarding, offering me opportunities to learn and grow in unexpected ways. The freedom to evolve is something that I highly value. You’re encouraged to pursue opportunities and experiment within a culture that embraces your success and failure.   

How has Capgemini supported your professional growth and skill development since you joined?  

Personal development is highlighted in the annual HR process through a structured approach. You’re prompted to define your aspirations and objectives, thereby taking ownership of your own development and the following responsibilities that come with it. Through ongoing follow-ups, you’re both challenged and held accountable for your progress. Additionally, the peer-to-peer collaboration with individuals in Norway and globally enrich your growth journey.  

What do you do to help inspire your consultants?    

I have a very personal approach where I like to get to know people. I think if people enjoy their work, workplace and like their manager, it brings joy into the workday. I like the phrase two ears and one mouth – to see people and most importantly listen to them. 

I play on team mentality and get people to stand up for each other. I see business and people combined. I take accountability on making sure each individual understands their value and responsibilities within the bigger picture.  

What characterizes the people and culture at Capgemini?  

There is a lot of humor and laughter, indicating the level of friendship among colleagues. I can say, without a doubt, that the people and culture at Capgemini have been a key contributing factor to me having stayed with the company for this long. There is a culture for bringing people into the fold, knowledge sharing and openness that I cherish, and I think is very descriptive of who we are.  

Why would you recommend working at Capgemini?  

What a place to work! If I could choose all over again, I wish I had approached Capgemini earlier. What an awesome start to a career that could have been! We are not what people may imagine a stereotypical consultancy firm to be like – all suits and no soul. There is a lot of soul here.  No day is the same. You are surrounded by so much knowledge, cutting edge skills and people who wish you well. What more could you ask for? 

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