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Capgemini and Red Cross Norway Strategic Partnership

In Spring 2018, Capgemini Norway joined hands with Red Cross Norway to work on Digital Inclusion projects to align with our Group’s Digital Inclusion strategy. Under this partnership we collaborate with Red Cross on the projects such as Digital Homework and “Kors på Halsen”.

We are lucky to have a partner that is engaged in so many aspects of our humanitarian work. Capgemini suggest solutions and with great joy and enthusiasm helps us communicate and improve our work and activities.

– Jeanette Steig Lid, Senior Strategic Partnership Manager, Red Cross Norway.

Digital Homework is a service provided by Red Cross where Red Cross volunteers help children in secondary school and high school with their homework via chat or by submitting questions. The service is free, safe and anonymous.

“Kors på Halsen” is a helpline for children and youth in Norway where they can talk to Red Cross volunteers and employees about struggles, challenges and feelings they meet in their daily life. As such, this helpline is one of the most important sources we have today on knowledge about children and youths’ challenges in Norway.


Capgemini have cutting edge technological expertise and Red Cross has the expertise on humanitarian needs. Together we make a great team. Red Cross needed a system that could help them rise youths’ voices, needs, experiences and solutions to the society. What we do, is to provide a Power BI solution that visualizes humanitarian needs in the helpline.

What we did, was to develop a solution based on Microsoft Power BI Technology that visualized the huge amount of data that the Red Cross have accumulated in the “Kors på Halsen” offer they provide children and youth in Norway. The solution highlights the problems and challenges that children and youth struggle with, in an anonymized way. This information can be used to measure the temperature on struggles children and youth meet today to take necessary action. Now Red Cross can see tendencies and use the data more intelligent and make their services even better.

Watch this video to learn more about the solution and partnership: