Secure your customers’ data to secure your future

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Author: Lanny Cohen
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Perhaps more than ever before, trust is a leading driver of customer loyalty in the retail sector. Reputations that can be sunk almost instantly by a data breach may take years to recover in the fickle world of social media. But opportunities abound for visionary retailers who are willing to invest in earning their customers’ trust. Now is the time to take the plunge.

Cybersecurity: The new source of competitive advantage for retailers

Jerome Buvat, Marisa Slatter

Cybersecurity in retail: How can retailers leverage cybersecurity and data privacy to drive value?

Terence Stamp

Is it worth trusting my store?

Juan Carlos Pasqual

Why retailers are missing an opportunity to use cybersecurity to drive growth

Christer Jansson

Meet The Authors

Terence Stamp

Identity Management Consultant

Juan Carlos Pascual

Senior Security Consultant

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