Invisible Infostructure

It doesn’t mean that we must meticulously design, construct, and implement our own unique and dedicated IT infrastructure. Instead, we can combine the necessary IT services right from the catalog, as pre-defined, easy-to-combine, Lego-style building blocks. As this is an ongoing transition, most organizations – unless they are starting from scratch – will have to mix the existing and the new, the stable and the innovative, customized and standard, on-premise and cloud-based. All this while making infrastructural services simpler and easier to consume. Radical automation is the key driver to success, as it will provide both the simplicity, trustworthiness, agility and speed that are now the norm.

As the real and virtual world are merging into one, so will our infrastructure have to evolve into an “infostructure” that is able to build digital twins of whatever relevant, connected physical asset is out there.

And as we are entering the era of server-less solutions that do not require any infrastructure at all, the “invisible” part of the equation sure gets a whole new meaning.