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intelligent process automation

Unlock value by leveraging intelligent automation and a digitally augmented workforce.

Our Intelligent Process Automation offer leverages a unique and differentiating approach that encompasses an end-to-end perspective from ideation to production – enabling you to seek guidance on starting an automation journey, scale up operations, enjoy sustainable automation benefits, and pursue capability growth and innovation.

Powered by the “golden triangle” of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and smart analytics, our offer transforms your business to deliver increased workforce productivity, enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and enhanced agility.

Intelligent process automation

Unlocking value.

Connect your people with data to drive automation success at scale

Capgemini’s Intelligent Process Automation enhances your business operations with automated, frictionless business processes and a digitally augmented workforce infused with robotic process automation, AI, and smart analytics to deliver an unprecedented level of self-service and end-to-end automation to your organization:

  • 40% reduction in people operations cost
  • 95% reduction in finance transaction time
  • 35% reduction in supply chain forecast error
  • 30% of customer queries automated

Intelligent process automation

enabling you to seek guidance on starting an automation journey

What we do

Intelligent Process Automation

Build a digitally augmented workforce at scale by leveraging intelligent automation.

Our Intelligent Process Automation solution puts your organization at the heart of all activities, stimulating the erosion of organizational silos around your front, middle, and back- office processes, resulting in the emergence of a new, borderless, highly-automated client-centric organization.
This delivers a range of tangible outcomes to your business, including improved quality, increased workforce productivity, enhanced operational efficiency, improved client satisfaction, increased revenue, and enhanced agility.

Data Labeling Services

Deliver data at scale through leveraging frictionless end-to-end data labeling operations.

Our Data Labeling Services leverage a low cost, frictionless data preparation process to deliver a high volume of AI-ready data, created or cleaned, labeled, and augmented with security, privacy, and scale-ready focus. This enables you drive accelerated development and implementation of AI solutions at scale through increased scalability, improved data quality, increased speed, enhanced flexibility, and reduced cost.

    Leader in the Everest IPA Solution Providers 2021

    Recognizing our strong technology capabilities, partner ecosystems, packaged solutions, reusable assets, and business process accelerators.

    Leader in NelsonHall’s Intelligent Automation in Banking

    The report attributes Capgemini’s growth in the IA business to its broad range of services focused on consulting and implementation. 

    Leader: Avasant RadarViewTM for Intelligent Automation

    The report recognizes our consistent excellence across every key dimension covered by the report, and having a superior impact on the market.

      Meet our experts

      Faisal Ramzan

      VP and Country Lead for Capgemini Invent Denmark
      Faisal Ramzan is Vice President and Country Lead for Capgemini Invent Denmark, an experienced, dedicated, and result-oriented management consultant with +22 years of successful consulting track record. Faisal has, among others, assisted some of Denmark’s largest companies in the intersection of business and technology with setting the strategic direction, optimizing the organization, and shaping large-scale transformations. Faisal is also a member of the Danish Senior Management Team and the Capgemini Invent SweDFi leadership team.