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The hospitality and travel industry has been turned upside down. There have been new market entrants, new business models – and new threats in the shape of the global pandemic.

Now, more than ever, what’s needed is a way to transform every aspect of the business, redefining experiences to appeal to a digitally savvy customer base. Every touchpoint needs to be rethought, taking advantage of advanced technology to create opportunity among ever-changing risks and challenges in the global environment.

From cruiseline decks to casino floors, it’s not about a single digital solution. It’s about systems – bringing together people, processes, and technologies, to improve operations, the employee experience, and the customer experience.

More resilient. More profitable. More customer focused.

Some examples of what we do

COVID-19 recover and reinvent: We help you deal with today, by developing an effective response to the pandemic. And we help you build for tomorrow, by reshaping working practices and operating models, saving money, and designing new customer experiences.

Digital guest and customer experience: We help you bridge the digital and physical world, and unite systems from front to back. With next-generation programs for guests and employees, you can offer them safe, frictionless, and personalized experiences.

Sales and marketing transformation: Every channel, every touchpoint. We help you understand and respond to your customers, with comprehensive and integrated CRM, sales, marketing, customer service, and loyalty programs, so you can make every guest feel special.

Infrastructure upgrade: Put your platform to work. With cloud, 5G, IoT and other game-changing technologies, you’ll improve efficiency and save money. And you’ll also be shaping a creative environment in which to launch new products and services.

Personalization: What do people like? What do they expect? And what prompts them to act? With smart data analytics and intelligent automation, you can find answers – so when you respond, you can really get their attention.

Platform modernization: Modernizing core systems and transforming industry-specific applications serves as the foundation for supporting hospitality’s everchanging trends. Take advantage of it, and you’ll be able to leverage technology as a business accelerator.

Expert perspectives

Business operations, Data and AI

Hospitality’s grand reopening

Mark Kirby
Jun 23, 2020

Meet our experts

Maria Søndergaard

Director of Manufacturing & CPRD
Maria Seierø Søndergaard is a highly experienced executive at Capgemini Denmark, having worked in the consulting industry for more than 22 years. Currently, she is responsible for managing two sectors: Consumer Products Retail & Distribution (CPRD) and Manufacturing. In addition, she is a member of the Danish Senior Management Team and has been responsible for the CSR agenda at Capgemini Denmark for many years. Maria also represents Capgemini in The Danish ICT Industry Association (ITB). She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to the Capgemini Denmark team and the many clients she supports.