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Aerospace and defense

The aerospace and defense industry is tasked with meeting rising demand at a time of intense and ongoing disruption. But in the face of these complex challenges comes incredible opportunity. Capgemini brings together the capabilities to reimagine the way A&D leaders design, engineer, manufacture, and service complex products. We can harness today’s technologies to launch into a successful tomorrow.

Launch into the future of Aerospace and Defense with Capgemini

Geopolitical issues, the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and material shortages are adding new complexities within development and production lifecycles, making it difficult to accelerate timescales and optimize operations to meet backlogs and address an influx of new orders. At the same time, A&D companies are under mounting pressure to enhance sustainability and security, infusing these practices both within the business and across the supply chain and partner ecosystem.

We see the future as intelligent which means utilizing the convergence of products, software, data, and services to bring the future into focus for our clients. Capgemini is your partner on the journey for end-to-end transformation, bringing new perspectives to your vision of a digital-ready, connected enterprise. Together we can launch into an intelligent, connected, and sustainable future.

Driving the future of the Aerospace Industry

Supporting Total in the exploration of the future

The METIS® project, developed by Total, aims to revolutionize geophysical acquisition using automated drones.

What we do

Our longstanding experience in the sector enables us to help our clients design and develop their products with improved systems engineering and integration. Our solutions for product and service innovation helps our clients achieve zero distance with customers and build highly responsive and effective service and support capabilities.

At the same time, they can optimize their costs, increase operational efficiency, and develop profitable new services.

We help achieve transformation by assisting green aircraft programs, data-driven operations, and autonomous systems. We also help improve operations with data and model-based-driven production, and in future services such as urban mobility, CO2 monitoring support for airlines, and decommissioning optimization.

Digital transformation isn’t a one-off event – it’s a continuing process. We develop key pillars to support our aerospace and defense clients at every stage, including digital continuity for product lifecycle management (PLM), adoption of digital twins, workforce and process optimization, software factories, and net zero models.

Expert perspectives


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Meet our experts

Henrik Fugmann

Director of Public Services & Defense
As the Director for Public Sector services in Denmark, Henrik Fugmann leads a team committed to helping public organizations advance their digital transformations to provide better service for Danish citizens. In addition to being a member of the Danish senior management team, Henrik represents Capgemini at Danish Industry (DI) and The Danish ICT Industry Association (ITB).

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