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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has crossed the threshold of pilots, and entered the wider market. 53% of organizations have managed to scale AI projects in production – but only 13% overall have rolled out multiple AI applications across numerous teams, as per the findings of the Capgemini Research Institute report – The AI Powered Enterprise: Unlocking the potential of AI at scale.

Perform AI, Capgemini’s comprehensive portfolio of AI & Analytics services, provides your organization with the ability to leverage the full transformative power of Data & AI at scale. By activating data and insights at the heart of your business, in your everyday decisions and actions, you will augment your organization’s intelligence, and amplify business outcomes you expect from Data & AI.

Data & AI for trusted business outcomes

Leading organizations are today already leveraging the transformative power of Data and AI to design and launch new products, services, business models – even creating new markets. They are also finding efficiencies, optimizing processes and reducing costs, becoming more agile so they can grasp new opportunities, and developing greater resilience to sudden crises.

Our teams have a proven track record of delivering tangible business outcomes globally and at scale, across industries and sectors:

The right team to scale Data & AI

With 25,000 Data & AI at scale practitioners, working for more than 800 clients worldwide, supported by AI Centres of Excellence in all regions, Capgemini’s capabilities are unmatched.

We show organizations not only how transformative Data & AI could be, we actually deliver it at the heart of the business. We define the right strategy with industrialization, operationalization and scale in mind. We ensure you take the right approach to finding actionable, trusted insights for your teams, as well as including them in the transformation journey. And we build the right solutions for your business and implement them with the right continuous deployment and operations to maximize their positive impact.

Do good with Data & AI

Do good with Data & AI

In the AI for Good Global Summit 2020, our experts together with 17 guest speakers and leaders from the public sector showcased tangible client success stories that have been delivered in a public sector context and demonstrated how governments can achieve ethical AI.

Watch our Client Demo Video

In the below video, the team from the Paris Regional Health Authority and Capgemini Invent describes the development of the STEP tool, an AI-driven prediction tool to anticipate and monitor Covid-19 crisis trends and hospital bed occupancy, both at times of crisis and to support decision-making in everyday health care.

Because we are convinced about the transformative power of Data & AI to build positive futures for humans and society, we partner with you to leverage Data & AI in an ethics by design and human-centered way. We work with your teams to develop the right data and AI-powered leadership, mindset, culture and ways of working that fit your organization’s values. Find out more in our report AI and the Ethical Conundrum: How organizations can build ethically robust AI systems and gain trust.

We help you balance operational excellence with business innovation to be resilient to current and future crises, to win in your market and protect your workforce. And we help you find opportunities to proactively use Data & AI for their positive impact on your business and our society.

It’s time to shift gears, scale trusted Data & AI solutions, and get the future you want.

Real World Solutions for sustainable, trusted business performance

Boost Sales and Customer Experience

  • Real-time churn prevention and dynamic pricing
  • Conversational interfaces and augmented call center
  • Offer/Product recommendations and personalization
  • Sales and market intelligence & marketing spend optimization
  • Immersive humanized experience and sentiment recognition

Optimize Your Operations

  • Critical asset performance and automated QA
  • Operations intelligence and knowledge engineering
  • Intelligent supply chain and inventory optimization
  • Autonomous machine decision-making
  • Employee augmentation

Manage Risk, Fraud, Compliance

  • Anomalous behaviors detection
  • Credit and Insurance risk assessment and management
  • Automation of regulations checks and reportings
  • Proactive fraud detection services monetization
  • Regulation checks & reportings monetization for supplies

The Perform AI Portfolio: a complete set of solutions to infuse AI in your organization

AI Activate

AI Activate

Putting our clients’ AI Strategy on track

AI Reimagine

AI Reimagine

Innovate and disrupt with Perform AI.

AI Transform

AI Transform

Drive enterprise wide improvements at scale with Perform AI.


Lanny Cohen, Group Chief Innovation Officer - Capgemini

“PoCs and bolt-on initiatives offer only the briefest glimpse of what’s possible. It’s time to deploy AI at scale.”

Anne-Laure Thieullent, AI and Analytics Group Offer Leader

“Through the application of AI technologies, our Perform AI solutions will increase the speed of execution and certainty of success for our clients’ AI initiatives … taking our clients to the next stage of their journey to the Intelligent Enterprise."


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