As consumers become increasingly savvy and less receptive to unsolicited marketing contact, it is becoming harder to extract full value from traditional marketing campaigns.

Together with the emergence of digital channels, these new business realities are causing marketers to rethink their approach to improving customer acquisition, loyalty and retention.

Marketers must now engage their customers through tactics such as collaboration and co-creation via personalized dialogue, predictive analytics, and multi-dimensional segmentation based on rational, psychographic and emotional drivers of behaviors.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

We offer a broad range of strategic and operational marketing solutions to improve your customer acquisition and retention, while also improving the overall efficiency of your marketing resources.

Some of these solutions include:

  • Digital marketing and use of social media
  • Adaptive marketing
  • Campaign management
  • Marketing resource management
  • Customer retention & loyalty
  • Closed loop marketing, driven by new capabilities in customer centricity and multi-channel integration, optimizing marketing and sales efforts.
  • Business influencer marketing
  • Inbound customer marketing
  • Track Record and Value Delivery

We have helped many organizations improve their marketing operations and results:

  • A communications company increased its below-the-line sales by 200% through predictive modeling and sales optimization.
  • A leading global pharmaceutical company gained a sustainable competitive advantage through a closed loop marketing initiative.
  • A consumer products manufacturer improved its marketing resource management through deployment of a user-need based driven content management chain.

A leading mobile telephone company doubled its outbound customer marketing response rate with a solution that included marketing resource management, campaign management, real-time marketing and analytics.