Innovative solutions supporting and accelerating new ways of working and a digital mindset are key for credibility of transformation processes. In addition to the competence of our experts, we rely on digital networks and platforms and bring along pragmatic, partly award-winning concepts and methods.

Accelerate or die trying

The pressure to innovate is increasing, a multitude of jobs is becoming obsolete – the demands on organization and employees are shifting dynamically. In order to master digitalization, digital competencies are required more than ever. Traditional measures of training and people as well as organizational development need to be reinvented towards a self-learning organization with the required knowledge being available exactly when and where it is needed.

Future acceleration – new ways of thinking, learning, and working to support the Digital Transformation and Culture

Three core elements enable and accelerate Digital Transformation, each of which can be used as a starting point – depending on your individual needs:

DigiCertif’ as a digital certification program maps the requirements of the working world 4.0 in a four-level competence model. From DigiTalent to DigiMaster, it promotes the consistent development and expansion of digital knowledge, the effective application of new working methods and technologies, and the ability to benefit from digital ecosystems. The program also offers access to a global network of cooperation partners, digital champions and start-ups.

The Digital Transformation University (DTU) as a concept for an effective and target-oriented organizational enablement is based on the 70:20:10 model and the co-creation principle. Innovative self-learning formats enable learning at any time and support the transformation towards a more self-organized personnel development. On-site and virtual meetings and workshops with impulses from our expert network ensure direct practical relevance and concrete results. The development of learning communities encourages a constant knowledge transfer.

Digital Workspaces such as DEON create a unique space for time- and location-independent collaboration as well as connected and knowledge-based work. The intuitive application of new working methods promotes the development of a culture of collaboration and innovation. Contents can be developed, processed and shared alone, in a team or with globally distributed partners. All existing tools and software are visually integrated, the entire results are available virtually.

Our Awards winning programs

Digital Leader Award 2018

With our concept of DigiCertif’ we won the Digital Leader Award 2018 in the category “Transform Culture”. Read more about the Digital Leader award here .

HR Excellence Award 2017

HR Excellence Award 2017Presenting the successful implementation of our concept of digital workspaces at BMW, we won the HR Excellence Award 2017 in the category “Working 4.0” together with BMW and our cooperation partner DEON. To find out more about the HR Excellence Awards, please click here.