Digital Security Posture and Strategy

How do you build the case for a new digital security strategy that’s adapted to today’s business issues and cyber threats? You need to engage both your cybersecurity teams and your top-level executives to achieve an enterprise-wide vision of the effort that’s required.

Typically, digital security strategies are based on international standards or comprised of after-the-event remediations and post-audit conclusions. But the business and IT leaders of tomorrow want to see something more than this. They know that building a digital security strategy is not just about being compliant with a set of rules or writing an action plan. Rather, it is a vision: a posture that organizations must adopt in order to manage business risks efficiently, while enabling their transformation.

Collaboration is key

Get ready to build your digital security future. At Capgemini Invent we challenge pre-conceived thinking with two beliefs based on our experiences of providing clients with digital security services:

  • Instead of defining the digital security strategy within cybersecurity teams, organizations need to build it between executives, businesses, IT teams and corporate functions.
  • Digital security initiatives can only be efficient when managed seamlessly together, in a coherent approach. Dissociating digital security training from cybersecurity portfolio, risk management and broader business ambitions will mislead sponsors in their decision-making and goals setting.

Executives must take action to reconcile all digital security-related initiatives and make them part of an enterprise strategy.

How does Capgemini Invent help?

We help you to draw up your digital security strategy, working collaboratively with your key functions and business teams in a hands-on approach, utilizing our suite of assets:

  • Assessment tool to present the big picture: We collate the main practices, perceptions, ambitions and needs to capture an immediate assessment of your organization – where you stand and where you want to go
  • Insights: We enrich the assessment findings with external insights from market research, as well as from Capgemini Group benchmarks and experience
  • Proven methodologies: We bring together the relevant decision makers to build the right security strategy and posture

Our four-step approach aims to give you a premium strategy for your digital security:

Scope Assess Define Get Ready
We explore ongoing initiatives and identify all security stakeholders and relevant businesses to correctly understand both the security context and governance. We assess your maturity across a broad range of digital security topics to identify compliance gaps: organization, asset protection, detection of incidents, reaction capabilities, business continuity and external relationships. Key findings are highlighted and challenged with our best practices as we build a consistent and enterprise-wide strategy aimed at raising your organization’s level of maturity. Stakeholder engagement is crucial for deploying and validating a common and multi-year strategy, and for raising the maturity level.


Using our findings, we tailor an appropriate digital security posture for your:

  • Governance & organization
  • Protection measures & technologies
  • Incident detection capabilities
  • Business continuity
  • External relationships

We can also evaluate the relevance of any existing risk management framework you have in place.

Success Stories

European utility provider Test, inspection & certification organization
We conducted a global digital security maturity assessment and designed a transformation program at Group level, as well as for Infra & Operations and business units. This:

  • Created a common/Group digital security strategy
  • Brought together business and IT risk teams
We delivered outstanding business outcomes in a project comprising a global digital security maturity assessment and a global transformation program. This:

  • Increased digital security awareness at C-suite level
  • Defined a customized, realistic, and result-oriented transformation roadmap
  • Estimated and validated a company-wide cybersecurity budget


To find out more about our Digital Security Posture and Strategy services, contact Jeanne Heuré