Odigo for Salesforce

“Odigo for Salesforce is an innovative, efficient and reliable all-channel experience that drives exceptional levels of satisfaction to ensure both customer loyalty and team-member retention.”- Erwan Le Duff, CEO of Prosodie-Capgemini

Balancing Customer Loyalty and Contact Center Costs

Your customer service function is your front line and getting it right can open up an incredible shop window for your business. Knowledgeable contact center agents delivering a top class service to your customers ensures loyalty, enhances your reputation and, importantly, saves costs. But get it wrong and you risk losing your customers, control and revenue.

Many businesses recognize the need to maintain a single, standard contact center that is seamlessly integrated to its CRM but few businesses are able to undertake this in a controlled and cost-effective manner.

Odigo – a Comprehensive, One-stop Shop

Odigo is a comprehensive, one-stop shop, providing a Cloud contact center solution and carrier, telephony and integration services that deliver outstanding business value. Odigo enables your business to benefit from:

  • Decreased overall total cost of ownership (TCO) by moving to a simplified operational cost model and productivity gains.
  • Improved sales and marketing decision-making via comprehensive, real-time analytics and a 360o view of the customer.
  • Reduced client retention costs through an improved Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty and enhanced brand reputation.

Case study: A Powerful Retail Experience

Capgemini implements and runs contact center solutions across the globe. As a leading systems integrator, we ensure that Odigo for Salesforce works seamlessly with your incumbent CRM system, providing innovative and engaging features that make interaction easier in voice, web, and mobile, and secures customer loyalty.

Page Jaunes, the French Yellow Pages, is part of the Solocal Group, which ranks #1 on local communication in France. It employs 4,900 people in France, Spain, Luxembourg and Austria, including 2,300 sales advisers to support its 677,000 local and national advertising customers.

The Solocal Group wanted to implement a solution that would boost its local presence and develop its customer intimacy. It needed to be easy to deploy, integrated with the service console, scalable, and have a rich functional scope.

Capgemini was able to demonstrate a comprehensive commercial, technical and integrated solution that enabled Page Jaunes to transform its business from a product-centered company selling printed directories, to a customer-centric company selling digital services.

Odigo and Salesforce make possible the 360° view of our customers. Odigo is seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce Service Cloud. We are now deploying Odigo into the sales department.” – Dominique Vergnolle, Customer Experience Director, SoLocal Group (Yellow Pages).

To find out more about how Odigo for Salesforce can boost interaction with your customers and drive reliability, profitability and loyalty, contact: businessservices.global@capgemini.com

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