Personalize retail with AI and robotics for spot-on recommendations

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Capgemini premiers DEXTR, our latest Smart Digital Store innovation, at NRF 2019. Using HP and Intel devices, DEXTR combines artificial intelligence, personalization and robotics to create an immersive retail experience

Capgemini’s DEXTR, or Digital EXperience Transforming Retail, customized for a beauty retail environment, is one of the first solutions to combine artificial intelligence, personalization and robotics. DEXTR recognizes and authenticates shoppers via voice and facial recognition, proposes a set of ultra-relevant products based on its shopper knowledge, customer preferences and external sources, and fetches / replaces items through its automated robotics arm. DEXTR leverages HP and Intel architecture devices to deliver this engaging in-store experience.

The cosmetic counter use case reveals a unique  journey for customer Susan – how it works

  • Automated and Secure Authentication: Susan sets up an appointment and arrives in front of the DEXTR screen. With facial recognition via an integrated camera and voice frequency recognition, her personal account is authenticated and personal information analyzed.
  • Personalized Recommendation: Using historical personal information (e.g. multiple sources of past purchases, personal preferences, social likes and tweets, fitbit data), external data (e.g. events, trends, events), camera vision and instructions, the AI behind DEXTR proposes optimized and personalized product recommendations based on all of Susan’s associated data aggregated in an information basket that is securely stored in a large CRM system.
  • Intelligent Automation: Upon customer authentication, interactions via speech and text, and after Susan’s approval, a robotic arm integrated with a continuous AI/machine learning application, picks up the product recommendations from the shelf, presents them to Susan, discusses recommendations and options, and once Susan agrees, completes an order. The robotic arm also recognizes products Susan does not accept and places them back on the shelf.
  • Integrated check-out: Susan completes her payment and leaves the store confident in her purchase.
  • Components: The system includes an AI processing engine, CRM connection, recommendation engine, robotic arm, Intel RealSense camera, and cloud applications, including end to end security and privacy, all integrated to provide the very best product recommendations.

Physical and digital worlds converge for easy and unique product selection and demonstrations.

  • Customer value: Personalized recommendations and an interactive experience make shopping more convenient and fun; it’s like having a personal stylist or advisor.
  • Store associate / employee value: With key data points available from individual customer preferences, store associates can enhance the sales process by providing cosmetics trials/ demos for customers with relevant recommendations.
  • Retailer value: Drive more traffic, loyalty, increase basket size and conversions by providing unique and focused customer experiences. An opportunity to collect new insights and utilize them to continually improve the experience. For retailers, it’s an opportunity to increase basket size.

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Genevieve Chamard
Smart Digital Store Enablement Lead
NA/LATAM, Capgemini

Revathy Rajendran
Smart Digital Store Enablement Lead,
EMEA/APAC, Capgemini

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