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Client story


Client: WWF
Region: Switzerland
Industry: Public sector

Capgemini Invent and WWF Switzerland unite for a Robotic Process Automation Initiative!

We are thrilled to announce our recent pro-bono collaboration with WWF Switzerland, where Capgemini Invent stepped up to the challenge of transforming internal processes for a more efficient future!

The Challenge

WWF Switzerland, a leading organization dedicated to preserving our planet’s precious ecosystems, recognized the opportunity to optimize its internal processes and enhance operational efficiencies. To address this challenge, they sought the expertise of Capgemini Invent.

Our Solution

The team at Capgemini Invent has committed to empower WWF Switzerland with automation solutions. For this purpose, we were on site at the WWF office and conducted an ideation session together with various representatives of departments to demonstrate the underlying potential of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Subsequently, we analyzed the structures of their internal processes and identified potential areas for optimization. We developed customized solutions for the HR and IT department that included two sub-processes in the onboarding procedure.

The Implementation

Our experts designed and deployed a solution via RPA to automate repetitive tasks, streamlining workflows and use valuable human resources on more important assignments. This optimized operational processes and provided the employees with their first insights into creating automated workflows between their preferred applications. This integration fostered an accelerated and more digitalized work environment.

The impact

The employees of WWF Switzerland have been introduced to RPA solutions to improve internal processes and workflows. By automating repetitive tasks, the organization can focus its energy on its daily operations and paved the way to consider additional RPA solutions.

We are looking forward to further ease an organization’s daily processes in future collaborations so that they can focus on their core tasks while we automate their business landscape!