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Financial services

The future for quantum technology in financial services

Quantum Technology will bring a paradigm shift to the Financial Services sector.

Due to its ability to simulate complex events, and to perform complex algorithms with potential speed up compared to classical models, it is no wonder that the Financial Services industry is very keen on understanding its potential.

Many financial institutions are already experimenting with this technology. However, implementing these models at scale is still a considerable number of years away. It is therefore important to look beyond the hype and have a balanced approach when it comes to experimentation and building capabilities. It can be difficult for organizations to understand how and when to act. But the time to act is already now, both in terms of understanding its opportunities but equally important understanding it’s cyber security threat.

In this paper we will present an honest point-of-view on the outlook of the technology and what that means for the financial services industry and propose 3 steps that financial organizations can already take today to start preparing for the quantum future.