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Generative AI : The next chapter of Artificial Intelligence

While we observe an unprecedented enthusiasm from business leaders around generative AI (gen AI), it is crucial to understand how it transforms the way organizations operate.

As gen AI continues to evolve and mature, we expect even more disruption in industries. To stay ahead of the curve and meet the ever-changing demands of their customers and markets, organizations need to select the relevant use-cases and adopt best practices while ensuring the ethical and responsible integration of this groundbreaking technology. In this report, co-built with Everest Group, we explore where the true value of gen AI lies, considering the potential pitfalls and sharing recommendations on key areas to prioritize.

Gen AI uncovers new frontiers in the digital space

Since its conceptualization, artificial intelligence has been a remarkable technology, revolutionizing industries and redefining human-machine interaction. One such remarkable breakthrough that has captured the imagination of researchers, innovators, businesses, and individuals alike is generative artificial intelligence.

This report starts by delving into the historical context of AI, tracing its origins and fascinating innovations, up until the emergence of gen AI. With this foundation in place, we explore the concept of this technology in length, uncovering its capabilities, the challenges it faces, and the transformative opportunities it presents.

While this technology holds great promise, it also possesses inherent risks such as rising concerns about data privacy, identity theft, and misinformation. Moreover, as AI-generated content becomes increasingly indistinguishable from human-generated content, the responsibility for its consequences becomes a pressing concern.

Gen AI is becoming a requisite for every organization

One thing that clearly stands out is that implementing gen AI is becoming less of a choice and more of a requisite for enterprises to remain relevant in today’s time.

The technology offers an opportunity to reimagine the way we work and unlock new levels of creativity and productivity. Hence, it is important for enterprises to explore its potential benefits and consider ways to integrate these systems into their workflows in a responsible and sustainable manner starting now.

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