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Digital transformation

High time for low-code in industrial IT/OT

Industrial organizations across the world are under increasing pressure to produce more complex products, faster and more efficiently. Those that can’t are falling behind in today’s highly competitive market.

In order to meet this need for increasing complexity and volume, these industrial companies are undertaking large digital transformations. But, in many cases, the conventional ‘high code’ approach to digital transformation is failing – costing organizations substantial sums of time and money – and leaving them with little to show for it.

Low-code offers a better route to digital transformation. In our new report, HIGH TIME FOR LOW-CODE IN INDUSTRIAL IT/OT, you’ll learn how low code can help organizations avoid the expensive pitfalls of a digital transformation gone wrong, and how it can work for you. This includes:

  • The pros and cons of low-code
  • The different types of low-code platform
  • How to select the low-code platform for your specific IT/OT ecosystem
  • How best to get started with your low-code digital transformation
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