An interview with Sebastien Szczepaniak, VP frog Customer first

Can you tell us about yourself and your current role at Capgemini Switzerland/ Frog?

My name’s Sebastien Szczepaniak, I’m French, with a polish name and I live in Switzerland. I am married with Anne and we have a fast-growing son, Jules, who is almost 10-year old now. I am a VP for Frog customer first but guess what, I have no consulting background.

Indeed, I’ve been working in different companies and sectors for the last 27 years, often leveraging support from several consulting companies but never was a consultant myself. I started my career at P&G where I spent 17 years leading different businesses in several countries, moved to Amazon to add to my Marketing and Commercial background more digital knowledge and expertise. After moving to Switzerland, I was recruited by Nestlé to lead eCommerce and sales for the group before expanding the role to the full spectrum of digital transformation. I had the chance to guide that transformation from Marketing to Commerce, leveraging on new digital capabilities to provide “personalization at scale” to consumers for almost 7 years at Nestlé. I did kind of the same role at Novartis over the last 2 years, before joining Capgemini / Frog customer first last October 2021.

What led you to frog and Capgemini?

The willingness to provide to our clients, expertise and knowledge accumulated over my more than 27 years of experience in Marketing, Commerce, Digital and marketing technology stack.

I’ve seen Marketing and Commerce being deeply transformed over the last years with potential benefit of reaching a goal that was not achievable some years back i.e. operationalizing true one-to-one marketing and providing relevant personalized experiences to customers (being consumers, customers, HCPs, or even companies when it comes to BTB businesses)

What area of expertise are at the heart of the solutions your team and yourself are providing?

By revamping the way our clients engage with their customers, bringing a new model of “personalization at scale”, the promise is to increase revenue while maximizing efficiencies across the value chain. At Frog, we are not just saying it, we are doing it. We love to define us as story tellers AND story doers. We will provide a simple strategic planning but also a clear path to operationalization to deliver results, FAST.

What do you identify as the hot topics in 2022 for your clients?

To achieve personalization at scale, free up growth opportunities and beef up revenues, companies will need to connect and deliver across 6 critical strategy pillars: Data, Content, Media, Omnichannel delivery, Innovation and Martech. Picking up one of them can provide short term results but the ability to operationalizing change (or steadily improving) each pillar in a connected fashion is the name of the game.

How can your experts team support your clients addressing their challenges?

We have developed a deep expertise across industries to strategize and operationalize the key pillars of “next Level Engagement” organized around data (whatever current state of data richness from our clients is) that will deliver results in less than 8 months. This will lead to an audience-based marketing practice, new Content operating model and ability to reach customers when and where it matters most leveraging addressable Media, delivering customized experiences. This leads to more revenue and better efficiencies. Also, we know how to accompany different teams, breaking organizational silos and ingest new skills to make that new model of engagement sustainable.

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