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Return to growth confirmed in H2 2010

17 feb. 2011

The Group reports total revenues for the year of €8,697 million. Compared with 2009, revenues are:

  • up 3.9% on published revenues (current Group structure and exchange rates);
  • down slightly (-1.1%) on a like-for-like basis (constant Group structure and exchange rates).

Growth accelerated in the fourth quarter, with revenues up year-on-year:

  • 16.2% on published figures
  • 10.5% excluding the impact of the acquisition of the Brazilian company, CPM Braxis, consolidated from October 1, and
  • 5.8% like-for-like.

An analysis of bookings (which totaled €9,863 million, up 9% on 2009) confirms this acceleration:

  • the three businesses most sensitive to the economic environment (Consulting Services, Technology. Services and Local Professional Services) reported average growth of 11% in bookings on the fourth quarter of 2009, with the Group’s fourth business – Outsourcing Services – reporting the highest growth over the year (+16% on 2009).
  • the book-to-bill ratio of the first three businesses was 1.14 for the year as a whole and 1.21 for the fourth quarter alone.

The Group is also pleased to note that the five global service lines launched at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, accounted for 37% of total bookings during the year.