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Capgemini is gold sponsor of the Railway Industry Association’s Innovation Conference 2022

Capgemini is pioneering Intelligent Industry – the evolution of industry 4.0. The next stage of digital transformation is here. Companies are now focusing on how to digitize key industrial parts of their businesses and use embedded software, data and new generation wireless connectivity to rethink what they do and how they do it.

Capgemini is proud to be gold sponsor of the Railway Industry Association’s Innovation conference taking place on 26-27 April in Nottingham. The focus for this year’s conference is ‘Getting ready for Great British Railways’, and as one of RIA’s major flagship events, it brings together rail innovators, clients and stakeholders to solve some of the industry’s most pressing challenges.

By taking an Intelligent Industry approach, Capgemini is driving the
future of Railway, supporting its clients in defining the right smart and sustainable solutions for a next-gen Railway sector.

Developing and integrating critical, autonomous and train control systems: Capgemini develops and integrates critical systems and related safety services.
Designing, testing and supporting train development, embracing the digital lifecycle: Capgemini designs trains for manufacture & service and provides test & validation services, applying digital solutions.
Transforming the passenger journey developing digital services, while making more efficient the supply chain process: Capgemini innovates along the B2B and B2C axis; bringing advanced technology solutions and advice.

Our Offers

  • End-to-End Critical Software Engineering
    Development and integration of critical, autonomous control & command systems
    • Our services span across design, development, testing and maintenance of rolling stock systems, control-command automation and traffic management. ​
    • We leverage benefits from digital technologies to ensure better reliability, availability, maintainability and performance.
  • Next-Gen Infrastructure & Traffic Management
    Advanced systems, tools and process to monitor the infrastructure & traffic
    • We provide engineering services, development processes and tools, and technological components to help our clients build open, interoperable and secure supervision and monitoring systems for their network operations.​
    • We develop the data-centric solutions to support defect detection, assets condition management, predictive maintenance, and optimised maintenance planning.
    • Objective is to contribute to increase operations efficiency (downtime reduction, maintenance effort reduction, customer-perceived service-level) and reinforce security on the network
  • Digital Continuity
    Next generation digital solutions to address railway challenges at scale​
    • We help our railway customers transition from a siloed and sequential approach to product development, to a company-wide collaborative, concurrent and iterative approach
    • We unlock the promise of digital continuity, enabling a unified digital workflow through all lifecycle phases of railway products and systems.​
    • To do so we rely on a proven set of assets and solutions such as model-based engineering, digital product replicas (as-designed, as-built, as-operated) and 3D technologies