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Client story

State of Georgia becomes an adaptive provider of modern IT services

Georgia is one of America’s top economic drivers. The Georgia Enterprise Technology Services (GETS) program, established in 2008 by the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), provides IT infrastructure services for 89 executive-branch agencies and managed network services to 1,200-plus agencies, totaling more than 100,000 users across the state.

Before the creation of GETS, agencies’ IT needs outpaced the state’s ability to deliver the modern capabilities and services required. The decision was made to consolidate the GETS server and network infrastructure and solidify its disaster-recovery capability.

GTA chose Capgemini’s Multi-sourcing Service Integrator (MSI) model to help manage its dynamic, multi-vendor, multi-service ecosystem with a focus on an end-to-end, business process-oriented approach.

MSI delivered results to the GTA, including:

  • Reduced costs: A 20% reduction in total IT costs via consolidation of redundant services, more competitive procurement, and greater transparency.
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratings: Capgemini’s SIAM doubled customer satisfaction in two years, from 36% in 2017 to 77% in 2019.
  • Increased agility and proactivity: GTA now adjusts to ensure competitive pricing to the state agencies.
  • Faster innovation: Better strategic planning and more value-add ideas from GTA’s suppliers, accelerating cycle time from idea to programming in the service catalog.

The flexibility of the MSI model means GTA has established a culture of customer-led innovation and taken a strategic leadership position for the state, agencies, and citizens it serves.

“The State of Georgia went all in on an outsourcing model. It is unique and arguably the most successful [initiative across state governments]. This was such a significant change, wrought with skepticism and resistance because of doing something differently. But the path we were on was not delivering reliable, stable, secure systems – thus we made a business decision to shift to a managed-services program. Moving from a CapEx to OpEx model means hardware is refreshed regularly to achieve optimal life span and that is one example that has helped us achieve a desired customer experience. The notable difference is bringing more value to the business and being a partner at the table.”

Calvin Rhodes – CIO, State of Georgia, and Executive Director, Georgia Technology Authority