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How industry 4.0 capabilities can augment lean sigma practices

Three decades ago, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing ushered in an industrial revolution that focused on improving product and process quality, boosting productivity and reducing waste and inefficiency. It began in the automotive industry but rapidly spread to all sectors, including aerospace, industrial and life sciences.

A decade ago, the German government formally introduced Industry 4.0. It was a new industrial revolution focused on harnessing emerging digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics and the Internet of Things that leverage Big Data so manufacturers could react quickly to improve processes and create innovative new products.

Lean Six Sigma and Industry 4.0 are complementary. They both embrace constant improvement, innovation, high quality and zero defects. Today’s challenge is to meld the two philosophies into a single philosophy that delivers operational excellence and quality products and services, both physical and digital, that delight the customer.

This paper shares insights and examples of how Industry 4.0 can augment Lean Sigma practices and contribute to the principles of operational excellence by elevating companies to a higher level of industrial performance.