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Point of view: Transforming Connected Health

The connected health industry is in the midst of a fifteen-year transformation – evolving from early pilots and test-and-learn efforts towards the goal of being a fully functioning profit center.

Several years into this process, many life sciences connected health programs have plateaued or are at risk of becoming stalled. Developed in silos, burdened with cumbersome legacy drug development processes, or abandoned altogether, many programs have struggled to define value and recognize quantifiable results. Current programs also fail to share processes, learnings, and costs across projects, which leads to redundancies and inefficiencies and significantly hampers the organization’s ability to scale. This often prompts leadership to seek more visibility into spend and return.

In this paper, we explore the five fundamental challenges life sciences organizations are facing as they advance their connected health strategy and offer practical ways in which companies can mature, integrate, and scale their efforts for a more profitable and resilient future.