Keep it Moving!

Register for our “Keep it Moving!” webinars and discover how to overcome the current crisis by learning how to best respond, restore and relaunch your operations. Below is a list of webinars taking place in the next 6-8 weeks, that assembles as speakers the best of our local and global expertise and client case studies across industries, to showcase and advise how you can respond with agility and speed to realise the sought business outcomes, be they cost containment, operational resilience, delivery security or augmented insight and increased customer engagement. Register below.

Create from Home with IDEAN

The current situation has forced many businesses into a completely new way of working. A few months in we now see the effects: what works and what is a struggle. At Idean, working – or rather creating –  from home is nothing new and we would like to share the best practices and tools with you. Join us for a webinar to explore different ways in which your organization and your clients can benefit from harnessing the power, and savings, of creating from home.

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Leveraging AI and digital twins to transform the industrial system.

Digital twin technology is revolutionizing the way industrial companies approach manufacturing operations. Digital twins unite physical entities with virtually modelled based on technologies.
We present our experience around different digital twin technology. How we connect Model based simulation with shop floor connectivity and how to use digital twin to optimize AI application. Join this webinar to find out more!

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Digital Twin (s) – From Product Lifecycle Management to Digital Twin Lifecycle Management.

We differentiate between digital twins in different phases of the product lifecycle: from the virtual representation of the product during the engineering phase, through the simulation of its production, to the digital twin of the product that has been produced and is used by the customer. The intelligent linking of different digital twins has great potential for the manufacturing industry:
the data is available transparently across the process chain.

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How to Simplify Collaboration and the production of your products and services?

Did you know that all your company’s business processes can be considerably simplified and streamlined, from the design to the marketing of your products and services? Why should you streamline and simplify your business processes, especially in today’s environment? How do you do it? With which partners? Are all sectors concerned? What concrete benefits and opportunities will my company
gain from deploying PLM? What are the organisational implications?
Is my company eligible if it runs mid-size projects?
All questions answered in this webinar!

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How can consumer products and retail brands can build value and resiliency through the circular economy?

Sustainability is not a fad or a fashion – it is an imperative. For consumer products and retail brands, sustainability starts with the supply chain – designing products and processes that align with the principles of a circular economy, a closed system that promotes long-term resilience, eliminates waste, and reduces the drain of materials.
Join our experts to learn how we encourage our CPR clients to embrace the principles
of the circular economy – infusing them into every aspect of their operations and culture.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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