Summia Al-Mufti, Software Engineer

“There are so many opportunities to develop here, as a person and as a developer”

Summia is a Software Engineer and Gothenburg Igniter

Her first months with Capgemini and Ignite has been slightly different from many other graduates’; she did her MSc in IT and was very quick to complete her thesis – and asked if she couldn’t join a little earlier. She certainly could, and so Summia joined Capgemini as a regular consultant for a couple of months, before the Ignite program launched in September.

Summia enjoys meeting people and trying new and different things. She is part of Ignite’s University Event Group, which arranges student gatherings and events such as fairs, hackathons, and case nights. The group hosts many of the activities for Ignite’s Assessment Day, during which Ignite applicants get to meet current Igniters and other Capgemini employees, analyze assignments and conduct interviews.

Summia takes a walk down memory lane to her own Assessment Day:

“I applied to Ignite’s Innovation Technology track, and had worked on a programming assignment, for which I received feedback on the Assessment Day. We discussed a lot about my reasoning regarding my solution and other technical details. Later during the day, I joined a team of people with different educational backgrounds, ranging from IT to Business Administration, to participate in a group case interview together. I really enjoyed that exercise!

I was originally attracted to Ignite for its many opportunities for me as a developer, and I really appreciate that there so many development paths one could take here. I have always liked the idea of ​​being able to change directions later during my career, if I ever change my mind. The Ignite program is broad with the possibility to try many different things until you feel safe with your choice.”

Summia likes to have the opportunity to change and try new things:

“That’s one of the reasons I wanted to be a consultant – to have more variety to experiment with, than I would at a product company. Here, I know I can talk to my manager and change assignments if I want to try something new.

In fact, I actually just did that, after 10 months in my current role. I wanted a less production-critical role and to be able to do more long-term planning. My manager immediately began looking for an assignment that would match my requirement and now I am all set to change roles in a few weeks’ time. This time, I will spend much more time on developing; with a lot of focus on .NET, Azure, and Cloud.”

She tells us more about the consultant role:

“I am part of a mixed team with people from both Capgemini and the client – around seven Capgemini colleagues and a scrum master and product owner from the client. I am at the Capgemini office most Fridays and participate in a lot of Ignite activities; training programs as well as social activities – from hot yoga to going out together for dinner and bowling!”

By now, Summia has had time to find her feet as a Software Engineer, but continues to develop through Ignite:

“I have completed some courses in Cloud, and next I will work towards getting certified in Azure, .NET, and as a scrum master.

My first months with Ignite were intense, there was so much learn. I remember the time when we travelled to Malmö from Gothenburg in the morning to attend a class all day, and then in the evening we went out to play laser dome! In retrospect, I am surprised I had the stamina. I mean, after a regular workday you can be pretty tired. But then, Ignite has always energized me – everyone is so lovely, I haven’t wanted to miss a single afterwork. There are so many opportunities to develop here, both as a person and as a developer!”

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