Simon joined Capgemini as a graduate. He had met Capgemini representatives at student fairs and got a good impression; but as graduation got closer, it was his slightly senior friends who convinced him.

“My friends who had already joined were extremely positive about Capgemini; telling me about the amount of freedom and the many opportunities they were offered. After having heard their stories, the decision was easy,” Simon smiles.

Today Simon works as a developer at a large client, in a team with only Capgemini people. A year into his Capgemini career, he looks back and reflects about expectations vs. reality:

“First of all, I was surprised at how many opportunities I have had to engage in internal projects. Whenever I have pitched an idea, management has told me to go ahead. They really haven’t denied me anything so far, independent of whether it is taking a week-long Azure class or arranging an after-work – my manager supports me and lets my interest guide me.”

Luckily for us, Simon’s greatest interest lies in programming. When asked about what he most enjoys about his current role, Simon doesn’t hesitate:

“As a programmer, I am really excited about problem-solving. I love digging into the logical problems: how they affect the business case, how various stakeholders reason, and how we reach the best solution.”

Being a good problem-solver, Simon doesn’t tend to shy away from challenges:

“Some days I succeed with an incredible amount of stuff while other days I don’t get anywhere; what is constant is that there are always exciting challenges and a lot of variation.  In this role, I have been pushed to develop much faster than I had otherwise. I got a kickstart, but it only took me two months until I was comfortable in the situation.”

When standing in front of a challenge, it is good to have your team behind you. Any concerns Simon might have had about the consultant role thankfully turned out to be unjustified:

“I didn’t expect this strong sense of belongingness; to feel that I am really part of Capgemini rather than the client. You hear about people who work as consultants who basically never meet their colleagues and lack that connection to their real employer. But we work together, study for certificates together; and when you are in the office, you always have someone to eat lunch with – even if you don’t know them from before.”

“I have actually never heard anyone say a bad word about a colleague, the culture here is so welcoming and open,” Simon concludes.

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