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intelligent production systems

De-risk, accelerate and scale your operations transformation. Gain the tools and abilities to enable your vision.

Intelligent Production Systems (IPS) help you accelerate delivery of assets and their care throughout the lifecycle and achieve breakthrough performance. In end-to-end production and release of patient therapies, our team works with you to ensure the highest quality and compliance levels.

Close the distance between now and the future you want with Intelligent Production Systems

Every life sciences organization today has a vision for Intelligent Production Systems. However, most find the journey more difficult than anticipated.

With our expertise in digital transformation and intelligent industry, plus extensive experience in the life sciences industry, we’re ready to close the distance between where you are now and the future you want.

Using a lean framework, we partner together to enable transformational improvements in scale-up, transfer and care for assets throughout the lifecycle and the safe, efficient, reliable end-to-end production, release and delivery of patient therapies. In doing so, we ensure quality and compliance while leveraging core and innovative approaches to achieve breakthrough performance across sites and therapeutic areas.

We bring a mix of digital and process-based offers in the areas of:

  • Intelligent (smart) factory
  • Process engineering & operations excellence
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Intelligent supply chain
  • PLM

These are all grounded in the fundamentals of digital continuity, lean/ quality-by-design and people and culture best practices.

Meet our experts

Brian Eden

Vice President, Global Life Sciences Technical Operations Leader, Capgemini
Brian is an executive and consulting leader in the Life Sciences industry. He has three decades of operations transformation, management consulting and leadership experience. He has developed and led global Lean and Digital programs, consistently recruiting and developing a diverse array of talent and has led global business integrations, executed a range of process and product programs and directly supervised operations of technical processes.