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Build the right future for your enterprise IT

Over the past few years, the pace of change for enterprises has been blistering – with little time to adapt to the rapid commoditization of digital technologies and new ways of working brought about by the pandemic. At the same time, we’re seeing many digital transformation programs either stalling or not delivering on their desired outcomes. So, as a global CIO, how can you build the right future for your enterprise IT that will deliver the outcomes you seek? The answer could lie in Capgemini’s Clear Sight IT Decision Maker.

For more than 12 years, Capgemini’s Clear Sight IT Decision Maker (previously eAPM) has been helping CIOs in successfully answering this question. But what makes Clear Sight ITDM  a trusted advisor to CIOs in shaping the future of their enterprise IT? Its our unique approach and our proprietary SaaS platform, powered by artificial intelligence and a catalogue of proven decision trees, and our expertise in using this to shape the transformation roadmap that delivers the desired outcomes.

Data Points
Sectorial Benchmarks

In addition to  intelligence, data visualization and expertise, CIOs trust Capgemini Group’s proven track record in delivering transformation at the scale and speed of large enterprises. We only recommend transformation roadmaps where we are confident of delivering it and achieving the desired outcomes for our clients.

Client stories

Over the past decade, we’ve helped CIOs successfully transform their enterprise IT to achieve their specific goals, including:

Make fact-based decisions on optimizing your IT portfolio and cost structures with our proven decision-making platform that leverages more than 9mn data points.

Get a clear sight on the transformation path and right destination for your application portfolio with our intelligent decision-making platform.

Benchmark your operational performance, design your target operating model (TOM) and create an actionable roadmap that prioritizes the right service delivery models.

Baseline your IT carbon footprint lifecycle at application level and determine action plans to accelerate your sustainable IT transformation journey.

“Make the right decisions for the future of your enterprise IT and be confident in the outcomes of your IT transformation program.”

Expert perspectives

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Philippe Roques
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Meet our experts

Philippe Roques

Global Head and founder of Clear Sight IT Decision Maker, Executive Vice President Capgemini
Philippe Roques is an Executive Vice president and the global leader and founder of Capgemini’s Clear Sight IT Decision Maker approach. Over the past 11 years, Philippe had incubated, nurtured, and developed Clear Sight IT Decision Maker to become one of the best approaches for CIOs to make sound data-driven decisions on the future of their enterprise IT. A future that is delivered at speed and scale of large enterprises through the transformation expertise of the Capgemini Group.

Jennifer Marchand

Expert in Business Architecture, Business Case Development, Cloud migrations, Cloud strategy, PaaS
Jennifer Marchand is a transformation leader recognized for both transformation and account delivery. She is a proven delivery executive thrown into large transformation accounts and have driven results and credibility. As the North America Portfolio & IT Strategy Leader, she is responsible for bringing the full portfolio to accounts. She has more than15 years of business and technology consulting experience working very closely with business executives to deliver cloud strategies and business cases, business architecture and design, and application modernization programs working collaboratively across distributed teams.

Chandra Badami

Clear Sight IT Decision Maker Sales Leader, Capgemini
Chandra is the head of sales and go to market for Capgemini’s Clear Sight IT Decision Maker (economic application portfolio management) offer. Having been involved with Clear Sight IT Decision Maker since its inception, he uses his experience to forge trusted relationships across the range of clients’ decision makers to help them get the best out of Capgemini’s expertise as a transformation partner.