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The Nordic leader in Data, Analytics and AI

Welcome to Capgemini, Insights & Data, the home of experts in Data, Analytics and AI. Many of the sector’s foremost experts in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are part of our company and we are all passionate about data!

We advise our clients and help them utilize their data assets in the best possible way. The ability to fully use all the data assets an organization owns is a significant competitive advantage and an important means of running efficient operations. The creation of a data-driven organization and a data-driven culture becomes a major strategic initiative no matter the type of industry or operation.

Capgemini Insights & Data is the Nordic region’s benchmark in Data, Analytics and AI. Our services include consulting in Data Platform, Analytics, Data Governance, Advisory, Data Science and CFO Office services. Many of the market’s renowned experts work with us, putting us in the best possible position to help our customers succeed in their journey towards data-driven decisions. Having a total of more than 1000 employees serving the Nordic market gives us considerable capacity to really make a difference for our clients. We are the true market leader.

Do you have any kind of question or want to discuss how we can help you leverage your data in order to be more competitive? Don´t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please reach out to:, Client Contact Coordinator, Capgemini, Insights & Data Nordics.
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Advectas is now Capgemini, Insights & Data

We are now even stronger providing support that harnesses local expertise with global muscle. Capgemini acquired Advectas in April 2020.

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What we do

Business Intelligence

Give your organization the possibility to make the right decisions based on data-driven...

Data Management

Digitalization provides access to large quantities of highly detailed data, which today is...

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence or AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics – at Capgemini...

Management Consulting

Digitalisation, Business Intelligence and Analytics drive and form an organisation’s...

Budgeting & Planning

A tailored budget and planning tool creates the right foundation for good and sound...

Financial Consolidation and Group Reporting

Group reporting and financial consolidation can be highly complex and may involve a lot of...

Support & Application maintenance

Capgemini Insights & Data Solution Services guarantees a secure and stable environment...

Client Stories

Capgemini’s Renewable Insights: Insights to Enhance Intuition

Capgemini’s Renewable Insights: Insights to Enhance Intuition

Ensuring companies maximize value by establishing a data-driven enterprise.

Cognitive Document Processing

Cognitive Document Processing

Capgemini’s Cognitive Document Processing (CDP) platform reduces the cost, effort, and...

Customer Value Analytics

Customer Value Analytics

Customer Value Analytics is about turning data into insights, into decisions, into business...

Fraud Analytics

Fraud Analytics

Capgemini’s Fraud solution helps organizations fight fraud, protect revenues, avoid leakages...

Insight-driven Transformation

Insight-driven Transformation

Many companies are struggling to get full value from their data, or obtain insights that...

Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics

The demand for organizations to respond faster and with greater insights to ever changing...

Perform AI

Perform AI

Activate data. Augment intelligence. Amplify outcomes.

SMART Solutions – Enterprise Analytics

SMART Solutions – Enterprise Analytics

Generate meaningful insights for business users to diagnose issues, predict outcomes, prevent...


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