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TechnoVision Public Sector Edition 2021-22

TechnoVision 2021-22 is the 13th annual publication of our annual technology guide. This edition shares expert guidance on how technology trends will impact public sector organizations.

Technology trends in focus

In the Covid-19 reality, all organizations need to harness technology to thrive in an increasingly complex world. The public sector has the unique pressure of being accountable to citizens. We believe that by being like water, leaders in the public sector can ride the wave of this complexity and help their organizations to thrive.

The theme of TechnoVision 2021-22 is “Be Like Water”, with a focus on key attributes such as fluidity, adaptability, agility, and responsiveness. In a world where the Covid-19 pandemic has brought huge change to societies and economies, these attributes are crucial. The public sector continues to face the enormous challenge of having to deliver vital citizen services, whether everyday, essential, or lifesaving. Public sector organizations also need to negotiate environmental change, political instability, and rapid advances in technology trends in business. The scale of change feels unprecedented and, almost, overwhelming. So what should public sector leaders do?

We believe the answer lies in new trends in technology.

Governments around the globe use technology to shape their responses to critical issues ranging from the pandemic, through rapid climate change, to new data laws, and continuing geopolitical tensions. Technology and data help public sector organizations to deliver better services to citizens, create smarter and greener places to live, and provide better healthcare and education. They can also help governments ensure that technology-led solutions do not lead to societal exclusion.

In these challenging times, technology continues to shape the world. Public sector organizations need to use technology in a sustained and inclusive way, maintaining a proactive and comprehensive conversation with IT.

That’s where we can help. To enable a more fruitful dialog, we’re delighted to introduce the Public Sector Edition of our TechnoVision report, our annual guide to what’s new and what’s coming next in the world of technology.

The TechnoVision 2021-22 technology business trends are:

  • Invisible Infostructure: Evolving the IT Infrastructure into a simple, pluggable utility
  • Applications Unleashed: Liberating the legacy apps landscape and unleashing cloud-based apps
  • Thriving on Data: Leveraging data and algorithms as an asset
  • Process on the Fly: Building and orchestrating data driven processes
  • You Experience: Creating seamless user experiences for magical moments
  • We Collaborate: Harnessing the connected and collaborative “everything”.
  • Balance by Design: Principles for a flowing, adaptive, responsive technology business

TechnoVision 2021-22 Public Sector Edition brings together technology-driven, real-life studies from across all forms of government. These stories are written by a diverse team of top practitioners and experts, coming from 12 countries and many of our organizational units. Our report provides technology guidance outlining the latest digital technology trends and innovations. It uses cases, stories, and cultural references to position those trends and innovations in a modern business context of endless complexity and constant change.

We understand this business context because we are the experts in new and emerging trends in information technologies. From infrastructure to applications, from data to processes, and from experiences to collaboration, we have a detailed understanding of the key technology trends in business.

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Our role is to help you take advantage of emerging trends in technology. To help you and your business to be like water. To have the fluidity to ride the wave of any unpredictable events, challenges, and opportunities. The vitality to embrace new ideas. And the ability to predict and plan for what comes next.

Let’s make that journey together.

Meet our Experts

Marc Reinhardt

Executive Vice President, Public Sector Global Industry Leader
“We are proud to be a leading partner to public sector organizations globally, supporting mission-critical systems that touch the lives of millions of citizens and users every day. While developing the next generation of citizen-centric, inclusive public services, we are also enabling organizations to transform to tackle the most important challenges our societies face. As we look to the 2030 targets of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it’s clear that technology is a tool for achieving better outcomes, and that societal purpose should be a driving force behind the sector’s use of digital to perform and transform.”

Gunnar Menzel

Expert in Infrastucture Transformation Services