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TechnoVision 2024 | Prompt the Future

TechnoVision 2024 is here, and after a year in which technology in business evolved even faster than normal – this year’s edition is sure to prompt some lively debate.

What is the future of technology? And how will technology affect the future of our society and our businesses? TechnoVision 2024 sets out to address these important questions. It explores how recently established and emerging technologies are reshaping our world and, how technology is changing, and offers examples and use cases to show how businesses are bringing tomorrow’s innovations to life.

With generative AI making waves around the world in 2023, and looking set to feature in many business’s plans for 2024, we’ve focused significant attention on how generative AI will prompt the future. We hope our ideas will inspire you to extend your organization’s creativity and productivity with generative AI, but also to evaluate the ethical and governance questions it brings.

This year’s theme is augment ME! Elevate Your Possible, Rediscover Ourselves.

It’s inspired by our belief in taking an optimistic view of future technology in business and digital innovation. At times of breathtaking change, it’s natural to feel unsettled, and to wonder if change is a threat or an opportunity. We’re confident that when technology is ethically harnessed with insight and understanding, it will augment our lives, our jobs and our businesses, and act as a catalyst for responsible technological progress.

Personalized perspectives

Within the theme of augment ME!, our logical and practical framework addresses a total of 37 technology trends. These are based on the contributions of Capgemini experts from around the world, and – we believe – offer something for everyone. Maybe you’re part of an IT leadership team and are keen for a fresh perspective or a business leader who’s curious about why every business is becoming a technology business.

  • Our wide-ranging CIO report examines seven containers and describing 30 technology trends and 7 tried and tested design imperatives. Practitioners can use these detailed descriptions to understand how emerging technologies might be applied in their businesses.
  • The Executive Companion report offers a light but authoritative perspective on what technologies trends matter for CxOs. Business leaders can use this wider view of technologies that are moving the world and embrace today’s digital tools to gain a competitive advantage. 

Above all, we hope TechnoVision 2024 offers illumination to help identify priorities and opportunities for business operations and digital systems development. Use these insights to establish  how technology will change the future of work, and apply the best of digital innovation as you shape the future in your business and beyond.

Take these trends and your insights to determine the necessary ‘prompts’ for your organization. Starting with generative AI, or several other key technology megatrends, we trust TechnoVision helps you to ‘Prompt the Future’.

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