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Social Response Unit

Capgemini’s Social Response Unit aims to accelerate, replicate and amplify welfare initiatives, enabling them to be executed in a coordinated manner with agility and speed, to deliver social impact to a broader set of individuals and communities.

It’s Capgemini’s commitment to a better society and citizen welfare. While the unit’s initial focus is solely on the need of the hour – public health, a range of additional initiatives are planned to tackle further crises and their residual societal impacts. The vision is to leverage our technology, data and creative expertise to help and support the communities where we operate.

Capgemini colleagues have joined forces to leverage their creativity and deep technology expertise to help meet the needs of local authorities and communities as they cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. With the creation of our Social Response Unit (SRU), we have expanded Capgemini’s existing social impact effort, the Architects of Positive Futures program, to truly make the world a better place – both today and after this crisis ends.

Building on the upsurge of local initiatives to the impact of COVID-19, our CEO Aiman Ezzat, launched an internal “call for ideas,” which initiated over 250 new ideas on top of the 40 pro-bono and voluntary initiatives already underway. We created the SRU to accelerate select ideas, all of which draw on our deep technology, data, and creative expertise, and to amplify and replicate them.

This unit executes planned global initiatives in a coordinated way to deliver social impact at scale. The SRU is staunchly supported by Purpose, a leading social impact agency that we acquired in 2020, bringing to the SRU an experienced partner with deep expertise to help develop interventions such as the ones we’ve planned.

Our SRU directs our actions and responses to the communities we live in during times of crises. Through the pandemic and other crises in 2020, we delivered several interventions across the globe: from enhancing health infrastructure, creating apps that helped small businesses and schools, housing domestic abuse victims and their families, and helping people access much-needed digital services for health and wellbeing. The work we do through our SRU is a point of pride and engagement for our employees, and a collaboration ground for our clients.

This work is also aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 3 – Good health and wellbeing, SDG 11 – Sustainable cities & communities, and SDG 17 – Partnership for the goals).

Initiative spotlight: innovation shows up where it’s needed most

Capgemini teammates in different countries have used 3D printing technology to send hundreds of thousands of face shields and visors to healthcare workers around the world.

Initiative spotlight: technology that brings us together, even when we’re far apart

Capgemini is proud to help support healthcare heroes with technology—like the Covidom app which helps COVID-19 patients monitor their symptoms remotely, or the Rafael platform which enables doctors to communicate with their patients at home, and Globule an app to help health practitioners communicate and provide continuous care.

“During these unprecedented times, Capgemini’s number one priority is to look after our people and their families, our clients and business partners. As a global leader with a strong sense of responsibility to the communities in which we live and work, we are committed to the fight against COVID-19 by mobilizing the broad technology and creative expertise of our 270,000 team members. These exceptional circumstances call for agility and ingenuity and setting up the Social Response Unit will enable us to share best practices and bring great ideas to fruition quickly to benefit the many.”

Aiman Ezzat, Chief Executive Officer of the Capgemini Group

Shobha Meera, Chief CSR officer and GEC member

“As a global company, we are in a position to purposefully apply our technology expertise and passion where it is most needed in the fight against COVID-19. With the creation of our Social Response Unit, we are expanding upon Capgemini’s existing social impact effort, the Architects of Positive Futures program, to truly make the world a better place now and post-COVID.”

Shobha Meera, Chief CSR officer and GEC member

Our Social Response Unit mobilizes our business to respond rapidly to address the world’s most immediate crises, helping as many individuals and communities as possible.

We’re bridging the digital divide to ensure technology is an opportunity for all.

We’re taking action to address climate change, one of the biggest societal challenge that we’ve faced in generations.

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Shobha Meera

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