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Reimagining the way we work

Hybrid working is becoming a day-to-day reality at Capgemini. Underpinned by our trust-based managerial culture, we aim to empower everyone, in all countries, to deliver exceptional work, contributing to an inclusive and sustainable future for our people, our clients, and society.

There are three key elements to our new ways of working.

Flexible working

Colleagues now work more flexibly in time and location, including from home, allowing a better work-life balance and greater empowerment. Our team members are fully supported in their transition to a hybrid way of working, notably through:

  • Company-provided equipment, such as desk chairs to ensure colleagues working from home do so safely and comfortably
  • New working practices to encourage social interaction and strengthen relationships in the new normal
  • Guidance and training to support well-being, notably through a global platform, including the right to disconnect so for a healthy work-life balance.

We use an employee feedback tool to take the pulse of how our people are feeling and to understand what is important to them wherever in the world they’re working. This confidential survey informs our action plans and decisions regarding wellbeing, diversity & inclusion, and engagement.

Connected spaces

As a global leader in digital transformation, we believe modern and inclusive environments encourage innovation. We provide state-of-the-art, flexible and collaborative office spaces to help our people be as productive as possible when they are in the office. This physical environment is combined with digital tools to facilitate virtual collaboration and remote delivery. This enables our teams, partners and clients to work together and apart in more flexible ways delivering greater value to clients. Our people will be fully supported in the transition to hybrid way of working with necessary training and resources.

Anyone anywhere – borderless opportunities

We will leverage our new hybrid working model to help our people meet their career expectations and further enhance their experience, by providing them with borderless and more diverse work opportunities. Through a global digital platform, our team members will be empowered to express their aspirations. Supported by artificial intelligence, they will have visibility on the opportunities that best match their skills and aspirations and will be able to apply for them, becoming actors in the choice of their next engagement.

Views from our leaders

“We have a unique opportunity today to reimagine the way we do business, the way we work, and the way we live. We also have an opportunity to crack the real fight of our generation: the fight against global warming.”
Aiman Ezzat, CEO

“Leveraging the unique opportunity of the New Normal, we can shape together the future we want for Capgemini: more sustainable, more digital, more collaborative, more respectful of personal balance, of diversity, more international in engagements, in order to bring our clients the best combination of innovation, expertise and proximity.”
Vincent Moreau, Head of New Normal Transformation.

“Effective leadership in a hybrid environment requires building trust differently with teams and colleagues, empowering team members to take ownership of their ideas and their work and enabling flexibility.”
Anne Lebel, CHRO

Not only are these new ways of working better for our people, they are also better for the environment. By reducing the need for regular travel and the energy that it consumes, we are providing a more sustainable way of delivering our projects, contributing to our target to be net zero by 2030.

Our new ways of working are being deployed country by country, in compliance with required local legal processes with employee representatives or other local stakeholders.