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Frictionless P2P: a dream or reality?

Nowadays, Procurement practitioners primarily talk about emerging topics like the reduction of scope 3 emissions, supplier-enabled innovation and supply risk management. These discussions are fed by researchers and thought leaders who emphasize the changing role of Procurement to unlock value potential, mitigate risks and reduce total lifecycle costs. Of course, I can only agree with their insights and the critical role of Procurement in solving business and societal problems, but one process is often overlooked. Procure to Pay is the process where much of the value potential is actually created…or where much value is deteriorating!

Many large organizations implement a Procure to Pay platform with the aim to deliver efficiency, visibility, simplicity, and compliance. The ultimate goal is to realize contracted savings and ensure that suppliers ‘perform to contract’. You could ask the question: how difficult could that be with P2P platforms that reached a mature status now?! In practice, the greater part of organizations is not satisfied with the adoption and performance levels of their P2P practices.

Download the report to get best practices that any organization can adopt when implementing or improving their P2P practices.


Hubert Verweij

Head of Procurement TransformationCapgemini Invent Sweden and Finland