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We elevate your possible with Generative AI

Mark Oost
20 Jul 2023

While there is a huge adoption of Generative AI across organizations and industries – our research reveals that over 95% of executives are engaged in Generative AI discussions in their boardrooms – we can observe clearly a shift in the way people perceive AI now.

I have been working in the field since many years, and the unprecedent enthusiasm around Gen AI is impressive – 74% of executives believe the benefits of generative AI outweigh the associated risks. Beyond the positive feedback around it, there is a massive need for information, education and guidance. Especially for organizations to successfully and responsibly implement Generative AI across their data value chain, considering ethics, privacy and security from the start.

However, when you leverage Generative AI in a secured and trusted environment the opportunities are immense. From tasks and workflow optimization, to content production, product innovation and R&D, it is revolutionizing the way we create, interact and collaborate, completely shifting the way organizations operate. What if you could as a CXOs leverage Gen AI, across your organization, in a safe, secured and controlled manner, to fit your business reality?

Creative and Generative AI

In, Why consumers love generative AI, we explore the potential of generative AI, its reception by consumers and their hopes for the technology

Building on your unique skills and knowledge

By combining your company’s unique knowledge with foundational models to create tailored Gen AI solutions, you can deliver reliable outcomes at scale while addressing your specific business needs. Together, we can unlock this full potential and rewrite the boundaries of what’s achievable with our new offer Custom Generative AI for Enterprise.

We help you elevate and focus on your excellence to unleash new possibilities. This is what our Custom Generative AI for Enterprise is all about: building on the unique skills and knowledge that make you, you. And it’s because we are tailoring from your data, business knowledge and context that results will create maximum impact and benefit your organization.

Rather than sharing clients examples, I prefer to illustrate this with our partnership with Dinara Kasko, an extraordinary creative talent and architect-designer. At the intersection of GenAI and 3D printing, she is building on her skills to create unique art pieces in the shape of patisserie, unleashing her creative process with the power of technology.

We are collaborating with her with a bespoke solution to elevate her possible with Generative AI. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

And if you are curious about the new possibilities of Generative AI and the rapid pace of its technological advancements, connect with me!


Mark Oost

Global Offer Leader – AI Analytics & Data Science
Prior to joining Capgemini, Mark was the CTO of AI and Analytics at Sogeti Global, where he developed the AI portfolio and strategy. Before that, Mark worked as a Practice Lead for Data Science and AI at Sogeti NetherLands, where he started the Data Science team, and as a (Lead) Data Scientist at Teradata and Experian. Throughout his career, Mark had the opportunity to work with clients from various markets around the world and has used AI, deep learning, and machine learning technologies to solve complex problems.