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“I enjoy working in a dynamic environment which requires quick learning and creativity to solve complex problems. That was one of the main reasons to move from a line organization to a consulting role.”

Before joining Capgemini Invent, I worked within a line organization for a global automotive OEM for about six years. During that time, I worked on multiple projects implementing new processes and IT solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the product development organization. I enjoy working in a dynamic environment which requires quick learning and creativity to solve complex problems. That was one of the main reasons to move from a line organization to a consulting role. I believed that by working as a consultant I would be exposed to a wide variety of clients and projects which would help me broaden my skills. What was also appealing to me was the chance to work and learn from experts about industry best practices and emerging trends. Now at Capgemini Invent, I am part of the Intelligent Industry capability and help our clients drive their digital transformation agenda.

Tell us about your role at Capgemini Invent?

Being a consultant, the main day-to-day focus is of course on successfully delivering the client projects. That usually means that most of my time I am working with my project team to plan, execute, and deliver on the project objective. Sometimes it can be a desktop research or preparation for an upcoming client workshop or a visit to factories to understand the pain points on the shop floor. On top of the project work I am usually working with a couple of internal deliveries. I am part of a global forum to jointly develop new offerings and solutions for our clients within Intelligent Industry capability. Depending on the availability I might help in building a proposal for a client. Together with a few other consultants I am also developing and delivering an internal training session for our consultants.

Tell us about your favorite project so far?

My favourite project so far was one I worked on last year, designing a new operating model for a global FMCG company. I worked with an international Capgemini Invent team and we were co-located in our client’s global headquarters outside of Sweden. We travelled across the globe to visit the client’s manufacturing locations and run local interviews and workshops. It was quite a demanding project in terms of the changing scope, tight timeline, and navigating different cultures at the client locations. I remember having a lot of caffeine powered late-night brainstorming sessions with my project team but also a lot of fun. In the end, we delivered a successful project and gained some valuable experiences.

Looking back at your first years at Capgemini Invent, what are your key takeaways?

I can summarize my first year at Invent with three key takeaways. The first is to learn from the smart people around you. I have gotten the opportunity to work and learn from experts with years of consulting experience in my field, which is truly rewarding. The second is to take initiative and show ambition. I realized that everyone is responsible for their own growth agenda, that is especially true in consulting, the more you show your willingness to engage, the more you will get back. The third and probably most important takeaway is to build relationships with teammates, your counselor/mentor and clients. Consulting is a people business and these relationships will take you a long way in your career.

Tell us about the Business & Analysis Group (BAG) community and your role?

I am part of our BAG account team. That means I am helping our account executive to manage a strategic client account for Capgemini Invent. I am responsible for planning and executing marketing activities, such as e.g. newsletters, webinars and lunch events, with the aim to increase awareness about Capgemini Invent within our client stakeholders. I am also involved in coordinating various Capgemini business units and developing a joint go to market for this specific client account. To do this and succeed in the best possible way, I need to keep myself updated about the client’s business, associated industry trends, and specific challenge areas that we can help address.

What makes Capgemini Invent stand out?

For me what makes Capgemini Invent unique is the different competencies it brings to the table. Our more traditional management consulting roles are e.g. combined with data science and creative design capabilities. On top of that, there is a huge IT competence in the larger Capgemini Group which enables end to end implementation. So, when I am working on a project, we are not only delivering a nice power-point but a complete workable solution to our clients.

How does Capgemini Invent support your development?

I would say most of the learning and development happens on the job, i.e. working on a client project and learning from my more experienced teammates. I also have a counselor to help me identify and target my improvement areas. When I started at Capgemini Invent, I attended a three-day consulting skills workshop for basic consulting skills. I also had the fortune to attend a yearly training program called Invent-X with 500 of my global colleagues at Capgemini University outside Paris. Throughout the year there are internal trainings organized by colleagues in lots of new and exciting topics. And finally, I have access to almost unlimited online training programs offered by the leading learning platforms and universities.

What characterizes the people and culture at Capgemini Invent?

I find my colleagues extremely smart, fun, creative, hardworking, and helpful. They are open to new ideas and do not shy away from challenges. We have a high-performance culture but at the same time work-life balance is well respected. There is a lot of freedom and support to explore your potential to the fullest. Being an international company, one gets a lot of opportunities to work with and learn from colleagues from different cultures.

What is your best advice for a student who dream to start a career in consulting at Capgemini Invent?

Be curious. The clients hire us to solve their problems and curiosity will help you quickly understand the inner workings of their business and come up with a most fitting solution. Curiosity will also help you to try out different things, push your boundaries, and figure out for yourself what works best for you. As you are just starting your career in management consulting curiosity will help you open the doors you didn’t even know existed.

Why should you join Capgemini Invent?

By joining Capgemini Invent you will be part of a global, fast-paced, multi-cultured, and engaging environment to take your career to the next level. You will have the opportunity to shape your own career from challenging projects, close client interactions, collaborating with global experts, and a wide range of training and development programs. You will work to bring tangible results to our clients and at the same time have a lot of fun doing it. You will have multiple opportunities inside and outside of work settings to network and build professional relationships that will go even beyond your employment.

Testimonial given when Mukul worked as a Senior Consultant in our Intelligent Industry capability unit, at Capgemini Invent.

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